Manning Project Area

Manning Zone Map
Manning project Estimates Start Date  Estimated Completion
Zone 1July/August 2021End of 2021
Zone 2July/August 2021Early 2022
Zone 3End of 2021Mid 2022
Project Completion Mid 2022

In January 2017, it was announced that funding had been secured for an additional three State Underground Power Projects (SUPP) in the City of South Perth - Manning, Collier and South Perth. 

The Manning area is bounded by Manning Road, Kwinana Freeway, Hope Avenue and Challenger Avenue.

Following preliminary and detailed design for the area undertaken in late 2019, project works have commenced for the installation of new underground cabling, primary equipment and new LED street lights.

What you can expect 

Western Power's project contractor for the area, Genus (formerly Diamond Underground Services) will issue letters of advice to each property at the various stages of the project as outlined below. Timing and further details of each stage will be updated here as and when the information becomes available. Residents will also receive advice notices from Genus throughout the construction activities.

Stage 1 from June/July 2021 - Property Services Installation

Installation of the new underground service cable from the front boundary of the property to the house. Genus will be accessing properties in the area over the next few weeks.

Residents do not need to be home for this work. Should Genus need access inside a house, or to the rear of your property, or if your meter box is locked, they will contact you to arrange access.

This work is just for cable installation. The cable will remain unconnected at both ends until the power is changed over from the existing overhead wires to the underground service.

Western Power and Genus will endeavour to minimise the impact of this work by using underground drilling when on your property.

Genus is responsible for all reinstatement works. Please note that the contractor will not accept responsibility or provide reimbursement for other repairs or re‐instatement carried out by a third party.

Stage 2 - Street Services Installation

Power cables will be installed under the verge in each street using directional drilling to minimise impact. A number of holes are necessary for the drilling process, cable jointing and the connection of Pillars to the system. Most street services work, including verge reinstatements, should be completed within 21 days, however work may take longer near equipment cabinets or on street corners.

Occupiers will be advised of any restrictions to access to their properties or any necessary street closures. A Street Services Installation Advice will be delivered to the property a few days before this work commences.

Stage 3 - Changeover 

Once the Property and Street Services installations in your Zone have been completed, changeover from the existing overhead to the new underground system will take place. Occupiers will be notified a few days beforehand detailing the process.

Stage 4 – Removal of Poles and Wires

This will take place after all properties served by an overhead circuit have been changed over. Some poles and wires may need to remain longer if they are supplying other streets that are yet to be changed over.

Work in the Manning project area is expected to take approximately 12-15 months.

Project cost

A survey of property owners was undertaken by Energy Policy WA, formerly known as the Public Utilities Office in August 2016. The survey provided the opportunity to vote yes or no for SUPP and also gave an indicative cost to each property owner.

Survey results from the Manning area indicated solid support for underground power and it was subsequently nominated as one of three City of South Perth Round Six projects.

The funding contribution that property owners would be asked to pay based on preliminary estimates at that time was an average of $5,850 for a typical single residential property. The amount would generally be less for units in multi-unit developments. Costs for commercial properties would generally be greater than for a single residential property.

At the September 2020 Council Meeting, elected members accepted a $2.2 million COVID-19 financial relief package from Western Power for the Collier and Manning projects. The package enables the City to ensure that the average cost to owners will be the same as was estimated in the August 2016 survey, despite an increase in actual project costs identified following completion of detailed design and tender.

Property owners in the Manning and Collier State Underground Power project areas will have received an information brochure with their rate notice providing answers to some frequently asked questions as well as an explanation of how the underground power charge has been determined.

Underground power will be billed in five annual instalments with the first instalment amount identified on the 2021/22 rate notice.

State Underground Power Program FAQs for Manning property owners

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Who to contact

For any project repairs or reinstatements enquiries please contact Genus on 1300 064 710 or email

For other project enquiries please visit the Western Power website or call them on 13 10 87.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Project Cost FAQs

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