Community Safety

The City of South Perth aims to provide a safe, welcoming and enjoyable City for both residents and visitors. The City believes that the fear and likelihood of crime is reduced through strengthening communities and improving neighbourly relations. The City supports a number of initiatives that reduce the fear of crime and increase community safety.

Community safety is an issue that the City cannot tackle alone. The City takes a joint approach to community safety and crime prevention, working together with a range of people and groups towards creating a safer City.

Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2015- 2018 aims to build social cohesion and community connections to enhance the sense of safety.

The primary objectives of the plan are to:

  • Increase activity in public areas
  • Work with the Police to maintain community awareness of current issues
  • Work with the Department of Housing and the Police on combatting anti-social behaviour
  • Continue to upgrade City buildings and facilities to Crime Prevention through Environmental Design standards
  • Enhance neighbourhood connections and social capital.

Neighbourhood Watch

The City supports Neighbourhood Watch WA (NHW) in collaboration with the local police. 

Community Safety Group

The City has formed a Community Safety Group with representation from key stakeholders within the South Perth community;  including Kensington Police, PCYC, Perth Zoo, Waterford Plaza and other key partners to ensure community safety has a well-rounded approach and to carry out a number of community safety initiatives and projects.

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2015-2018 demonstrates the City’s vision and commitment to safety and crime prevention. This Plan outlines the roles and responsibilities of all those involved and provides the framework for community safety and crime prevention initiatives in the City.

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design is a proven crime prevention approach to reduce opportunities for crime. The concept is to design or modify your home in ways that reduce or prevent the incidence of crimes and improve quality of life for residents.

Residents can apply these principles with the help of the following checklist:

  • Are trees and shrubs on your property trimmed to allow a clear view of your house from the street?
  • Are your front boundary fences low enough to allow unobstructed views of your house or not solid and able to see through?
  • Do you have working sensor lights on the exterior of your home?
  • Do you always lock your doors and windows?
  • Do you lock entry and exist points whilst you are present at your property e.g. front door locked while you are in the back garden?
  • Are gates kept locked when not in use?
  • Are bins secured to prevent them being used as climbing aids?
  • Do you have security screens on doors and windows?

Free engraving service

To assist the police in the identification of stolen goods, residents may borrow an engraver for no cost to identify their belongings. The engraver can be booked out from the City’s libraries, or to make an alternate arrangement to have your goods engraved, please contact the City on 9474 0777.

Important contacts

  • Police Assistance: 131 444

  • Emergency Only: 000

  • Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000

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