Clontarf Waterford Salter Point Foreshore

The Clontarf–Waterford–Salter Point (CWSP) Foreshore is an extensive area of natural reserves, estuarine conservation wetlands, Bush Forever site 333 and public open space that occupies approximately 34 hectares of Canning River foreshore land. It stretches from the western boundary of the Cygnia Cove residential estate to Redmond Street in Salter Point.

The area can be divided into four distinct precincts:

Precinct 1: Clontarf and Andrew Thomson Conservation Reserve

Precinct 1 has a conservation focus and extends from the edge of Cygnia Cove residential estate along the Clontarf College foreshore and incorporates Andrew Thomson Conservation Reserve. The precinct is dominated by high ecological value fringing riverine vegetation with a dual use path.

Other features of this precinct include Clontarf jetty, picnic tables and seating, shelters, Waterford viewing platform and a boardwalk.

Precinct 2: Bodkin Park

Precinct 2 encompasses Bodkin Park, a local park with a small playground located at its southern end. The park includes two bodies of water connected via an open drain channel and partially revegetated stretch of living stream providing a stormwater management function. Bodkin Park is bounded partially by Andrew Thomson Conservation Reserve, a road reserve and private property.

Other features of this precinct include boardwalks, seating and lighting, an information bay, a drainage network and gravel and dual use pedestrian paths. 

Precinct 3: Sandon Park

Precinct 3 has a broad community focus with car parking, a playground, fitness equipment, public toilet, Scout hall and Curtin Boat Club all in close proximity. This precinct is dominated by large open areas of grass with a vegetated wetland area adjacent to the community facilities and riverine fringing foreshore vegetation with open river views.

Other features include a boardwalk, drinking fountain, picnic tables, seating and lighting, signage, open drainage channel and drainage network, foreshore access areas, boat ramps and dual use pedestrian paths.   

Precinct 4: Salter Point Reserve to Redmond Reserve

Precinct 4 extends from Sandon Park to the western edge of Redmond Reserve. This precinct has three distinct character areas: a narrow low-lying foreshore edge with fringing riverine vegetation; Salter Point Lagoon; and the Aquinas Bay embankment and foreshore walkway. Aquinas Bay includes Sulman Stairs and Redmond Reserve Stairs.

Other features include boardwalks, drinking fountain, rest/viewing platform, seating, signage, drainage network, foreshore access areas and a small section of dual use pedestrian and unsurfaced paths through Salter Point upper foreshore and spit.

The City has appointed Urbis to develop a masterplan for the CWSP Foreshore to provide a consolidated management strategy recognising the foreshore’s ecological, cultural and recreational values.


  1. Address current and future management issues to strengthen the natural and cultural aspects of the CWSP Foreshore
  2. Allow for unique landscaping design that embraces the changing environment and allows positive experiences for all users
  3. Support environmental values to enhance native flora and fauna species along the CWSP Foreshore area
  4. Establish Key areas for sport activities, passive recreation and nature spaces
  5. Focus on connectivity and accessibility along the entire CWSP Foreshore area that may include initiatives such as interpretive signage, dual use pathways, viewing platforms, formal access points, themed walks 

This project consists of two stages:

  1. Stakeholder engagement and consultation; and 
  2. Clontarf–Waterford–Salter Point Foreshore Masterplan

Stage 1 will commence in October 2017.