Development Approval

A development approval is a legal document that gives permission for a use or development on a particular piece of land. To obtain a development approval, an application for development approval must be made to the City of South Perth.

Development approvals ensure that development within the City complies with the Town Planning Scheme, Residential Design Codes and other relevant legislation and policies.

Applicants can discuss planning proposals and preliminary plans with the City’s duty Urban Planner to find out more about the process. The duty Urban Planner can advise applicants on a proposed development or land use and the information required to lodge a complete application.

Development approval is required for most building works and/or when changing the use of a site. Applicants must seek approval from the City to:

  • Build a single house, grouped dwellings or multiple dwellings
  • Extend or alter an existing building (including sheds, patios, garages, carports and satellite dishes)
  • Build a replacement structure (for example, an old patio is being dismantled and another patio is being built as a replacement)
  • Change the use of the subject property
  • Conduct a business from home.

Conducting a business from home

If you are proposing to establish a business from home you need to confirm the City’s requirements before commencing. For more information, please see the Home-based Business - Information Sheet.

Change of use

A change of use occurs when the use of land changes from one to another, for example from shop to office. All changes of use require development approval from the City of South Perth. For more information, please see the Change of Use - Information Sheet.

Written planning advice

If you are uncertain whether approval is required for your development, it is highly recommended to obtain the City’s written planning advice. To request the City’s written advice, complete the Application for Preliminary Advice - Requirement for Development Approval.


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