Local Development Plans

Changes to Residential Design Codes (R-Codes)

Following an announcement by the Cook Government on 9th August 2023, the implementation of the Residential Design Codes Volume 1 – Part C: Medium Density Codes has been deferred.

No date for implementation has been provided. For more information, please refer to the WA Government Media Statement.

Local Development Plans

A local development plan is a mechanism used to coordinate and assist in achieving better built form outcomes by linking lot design to future development. It can facilitate the design and coordination of development upon small and highly constrained lots, and supplement development standards contained within local planning schemes and the R-Codes. At the local government’s discretion, a local development plan can also streamline the development approval process, with compliant development exempt from the requirement to obtain development approval.

Residential Design Guidelines

Residential Design Guidelines are prepared for specific localities and contain detailed requirements for development within those localities. Some of these requirements are variations from the R-Codes and the City’s Planning Policies. All other requirements prescribed in the Town Planning Schemes, R-Codes, Policies and Local Heritage Inventory still apply.

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