Underground power one step closer

Media Release 22 March 2021
Underground Power

State Underground Power Program (SUPP) construction works have started in Collier, the project area bounded by Canning Highway, Ryrie Avenue, Blamey Place and South Terrace. 

The works, which are expected to take 12 to 15 months to complete, include the installation of new underground cabling, primary equipment and new LED street lights.

The SUPP replaces overhead power lines with underground power infrastructure and is a partnership between the State Government, Western Power and local government and is administered by Energy Policy Western Australia (EPWA) formally known as the Public Utilities Office.

A survey of property owners in the project areas known as Collier, Manning (the area bounded by Manning Rd, Kwinana Fwy, Hope Ave and Challenger Ave) and South Perth (the area bounded by Douglas Ave, Canning Hwy, Hovia Tce and Mill Point Rd) was undertaken by EPWA in 2016. The survey provided property owners with the opportunity to vote yes or no for the SUPP and also gave an indicative cost to each property owner.
The survey results indicated solid support for underground power in all three areas and the City subsequently nominated the project areas for the SUPP. 

In January 2017 the City announced it had secured Collier, Manning, and South Perth for the sixth funding round of the SUPP.

The City worked with Western Power on the Collier and Manning projects to manage costs to the initial estimate that was provided to residents as part of the project survey in 2016.

Construction is expected to start in Manning in mid-2021. The City is currently negotiating with Western Power about the South Perth project area and potentially another project area (Hurlingham), the area of the City north east of the South Perth project area.

Individual costs to property owners and details of the repayment structure will be considered as part of the City’s 2021/22 budget process. 

Mayor Greg Milner said he was very pleased that Council had managed to secure additional funding for the State Underground Power Program projects in the City, easing the financial burden on residents within the affected areas.

“A further contribution  from Western Power towards the State Underground Power Program in the areas of Collier and Manning will ensure we keep the cost of underground power down for property owners. This is a great result for our residents.

“Administered by the State Government, the State Underground Power Program brings more reliable and efficient power, brighter and safer streetlights and a safer public environment to our City. An added benefit for property owners is an increase in their property’s values.

“The City’s vision is to have overhead power lines placed underground throughout the entire City. We are well underway to achieving this goal, with underground power already installed in parts of Como, the majority of South Perth and Salter Point, and the project areas of Collier and Manning commencing this year.

“The City will monitor future funding rounds of the SUPP with a view to nominate other areas within the City for the program.”

To find out more visit the underground power page.

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