Waste Management for proposed developments

Waste management for new multi-residential developments

The City assesses a large number of development applications each year. Applications are assessed under a planning framework that requires applicants to design Waste Management Plans and waste systems to accommodate local government provided waste collection services and to comply with health regulations.

To enable better practice waste management in multiple dwelling developments, applicants and their designers should liaise early with local government officers in relation to the waste and recycling service options available and whether what is being proposed is suitable for the proposed development.

To assist applicants and their consultants to meet conditions, the City has developed Guidelines for Waste Management Plans – New Multi-Residential Developments, which complement other development guidelines and are in accordance with the City of South Perth Policy P212 Waste Management and the City of South Perth Waste Local Law 2017.

It is vitally important that waste management be considered at an early design stage of a development. This will ensure that sufficient waste capacity has been catered for, enough space has been provided to store waste prior to collections or in the event of service delays, recycling of waste has been considered, sufficient space allocated to allow for collection, and that clearance for a waste collection vehicle has been considered as well as the minimisation of vermin, pests and odours from the waste collection system.

All of the above components will be formally addressed for compliance by the City prior to the issuing of a Building Permit, so it is imperative that these guidelines are uniformly applied by the applicant.

Waste Management Plan submission  

Applicants are required to email their completed Waste Management Plan submission (including the completed Waste Management Checklist for Proposed Developments) to enquiries@southperth.wa.gov.au. Please title your email Waste Management Plan, with the development address included in the subject line.

Waste Management Plan approval process

Step 1 - Development Approval application stage

  1. Waste Management Plan (WMP) developed by applicant in-line with WMP guidelines and included in Development Application
  2. City reviews WMP and confirms key requirements such as truck size and number of services per week.

Step 2 - Prior to Building Permit application

  1. Updated WMP (including associated swept path analysis) presented for approval prior to Building Permit application
  2. City Officer approves WMP prior to Building Permit application being accepted by the City.

Step 3 - Prior to Occupancy Permit application

  1. Builder organises meeting with City Officer to review WMP compliance on-site
  2. City Officer inspects building for WMP compliance on-site and approves prior to Occupancy Permit application being accepted by the City.

Step 4 - Development Approval application stage

  1. To obtain development approval, you must lodge an application for development approval with the City.
  2. More information about the Development Approval process is available here.

Waste Management Plan guidelines and checklist

Guidelines and checklists are available to download below. The checklist is available in an interactive format for people with Adobe Acrobat.