Integrated Planning & Reporting

The Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) Framework aims to ensure integration of community priorities with strategic planning for Council, as well as implementation of the objectives that have been set from these priorities.

The diagram below shows how all of the elements of the framework fit together to deliver council priorities which are informed by the community vision and aspirations. The IPR provides a framework for establishing local priorities that are linked to operational functions.

Strategic Community Plan

The Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030 (SCP) is the overarching plan to guide the City over the next 10 years. The SCP is broad with a long-term focus and strong emphasis on the community’s aspirations, priorities and vision for the future. 

Developed in 2017, the SCP was formulated through the Vision 2027 process, which documented our community’s priorities, aspirations and vision for the City and helped us shape and create a shared vision for the City of South Perth.

The City monitors and review the progress of the SCP via the Corporate Business Plan (CBP) and Annual Report. Every two years a desktop (minor) review of the SCP is conducted with a more comprehensive (major) review every four years. The last minor review was endorsed by Council in May 2020.

The SCP 2020-2030 builds on the 2017-2027 and 2013-2023 SCP. In consideration of the feedback received from the community and stakeholders, the priorities and aspirations have been grouped into four broad categories to form the strategic directions, they are:

  • Community: A diverse, connected, safe and engaged community
  • Economy: A thriving City activated by innovation, attractions and opportunities
  • Environment (Built and Natural): Sustainable urban neighbourhoods
  • Leadership: A visionary and influential local government.

Strategic Community Plan Major Review 2021

Thank you to everyone who contributed in the SCP major review consultation. Feedback will now be analysed and used to inform the revised SCP document which will be presented to Council later in the year. 

Corporate Business Plan

The Corporate Business Plan 2020-2024 guides the implementation of the Strategic Community Plan (SCP). It translates the aspirations and strategies of the SCP into operational priorities and indicates how they will be resourced over a four-year period.

The CBP outlines in detail the projects, services, actions, operations, resources and performance measurements required to ensure delivery of the SCP. The CBP is reported on quarterly and updated annually.

Following endorsement of the SCP 2020-2030 (May 2020), the CBP was reviewed and updated and the CBP 2020-2024 was subsequently endorsed by Council in June 2020. The CBP details delivery across three main aspects:

  • Planned actions for the delivery of strategies: a detailed listing of the projects and initiatives as annual actions, mapped out over the four-year period
  • Enabling services and programs: a listing of the services and programs provided by Business Units that support the delivery of strategies through our daily operations
  • Measures of success: a breakdown of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that will be used to measure our progress at regular intervals against the strategies.

Informing plans

Our capacity to deliver the Strategic Community Plan (SCP) and Corporate Business Plan (CBP) relies on having a thorough understanding of our operating context and establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our stakeholders. This resourcing is considered through other long-term plans that establish the City’s financial and non-financial resourcing capacity.

The IPR framework involves the development, integration and implementation of the following informing plans throughout the cycle of the IPR process:

  • Asset Management Plan (AMP): A 10 year plan that identifies responsibilities, maintenance standards and inspection regimes required to manage the City’s assets and civil liability
  • Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP): A 10 year plan that guides our approach to delivering infrastructure and services to the community in a financially sustainable and affordable manner
  • Workforce Plan (WP): A four year plan that outlines how the City will invest in its workforce to continue to deliver high quality community outcomes.

These informing plans document the financial, asset and workforce constraints to ensure that the City can achieve and deliver the priorities identified in the Strategic Community Plan. Visit the Plans & Strategies page for more information. 

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