Planning & Reporting Framework

The City has developed an Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework that will allow us to sustainably and strategically meet the needs of our community.

The objective of this framework is to have a stronger focus on place shaping and wellbeing with a greater level of community engagement. It also provides a link between the City’s strategic objectives and its operational functions.

The framework:

  • Recognises that planning for a local government is holistic in nature and driven by the community
  • Builds organisational and resource capability to meet community need
  • Optimises success by understanding the integration and interdependencies between the components, and
  • Emphasises performance monitoring so that the City can adapt and respond to changes in community needs and the business environment.

The key components of the framework are the Strategic Community Plan, Corporate Business Plan and informing strategies. 

Strategic Community Plan

The Strategic Community Plan  is the overarching plan to guide the Council over the next 10 years. The Plan is broad with a long-term focus and strong emphasis on the community’s aspirations, priorities and vision for the future. 

It was formulated through the Our Vision Ahead process, which documented our community’s priorities, aspirations and vision for the City and helped us shape and create a shared vision for the City of South Perth.

Community consultation identified key focus areas based around six themes as the City’s broad priorities:

  • Community: Create opportunities for an inclusive, connected, active and safe community
  • Environment: Enhance and develop public open spaces and manage impacts on the City’s built and natural environment
  • Housing and Land Uses: Accommodate the needs of a diverse and growing community
  • Places: Develop, plan and facilitate vibrant and sustainable community and commercial places
  • Infrastructure & Transport: Plan and facilitate safe and efficient infrastructure and transport networks to meet the current and future needs of the community
  • Governance, Advocacy and Corporate Management: Ensure that the City has the organisational capacity, advocacy and governance framework and systems to deliver the priorities identified in the Strategic Community Plan.

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework requires a part review of the Strategic Community Plan every two years and a full review of the Strategic Community Plan every four years.

Corporate Business Plan

The Corporate Business Plan is the City of South Perth’s four-year project and service delivery plan. It outlines in detail the projects, services, operations and performance measurements.

Informing strategies

The City has also developed a number of informing strategies that document its financial, asset and workforce constraints, which will ensure that it can achieve and deliver the priorities identified in the Strategic Community Plan. Visit the Plans & Strategies page for more information. 

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