Annual Reports

Each year, the City produces a comprehensive Annual Report in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995. Each Annual Report focuses on the activities undertaken in the previous financial year and provides an overview of major initiatives that are proposed to commence or to continue in the next financial year.

2020/21 Annual Report

The theme of this year’s Annual Report is beautiful places.

Our vision is a city of active spaces and beautiful places. In 2020/21 the completion of some major projects saw our vision coming to fruition. The theme beautiful places acknowledges some of this year’s achievements in creating a vibrant and attractive destination for visitors and residents. The opening of Collier Park Mini Golf, the Ferry Tram, the major restoration of the Old Mill and the commencement of the Black Swan Habitat at South Perth Foreshore were all important works commenced or completed this year as an investment in the future of our City, ensuring it continues to be a beautiful place to live and visit. 

The report provides an account of the City’s performance from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 measuring against the City’s Corporate Business Plan 2020-2024 and the Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030. 

The Annual Financial Report is produced as a separate document.

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