City secures additional funding for underground power projects

News Update 23 September 2020
Underground Power

Construction of the State Underground Power Program (SUPP) in the areas of Manning and Collier is set to proceed this financial year.

At the September 2020 Council Meeting elected members accepted a $2.2 million COVID-19 financial relief package from Western Power for the two projects which will substantially reduce the project costs.

The SUPP is an initiative that replaces overhead power lines in established areas with underground power infrastructure. The Program is a partnership between the State Government, Western Power and local government and is administered by the Public Utilities Office (PUO). 

The City was successful in securing funding for the areas of Manning (the area bounded by Manning Road, Kwinana Freeway, Hope Avenue and Challenger Avenue) and Collier (the area bounded by Canning Highway, Ryrie Avenue, Blamey Place and South Terrace) in 2017. Following approval the projects were progressed through their design phases. The result was an escalation in the residents’ share of project costs which would have resulted in a re-survey of residents to ascertain the percentage of households who would still endorse the projects.  

The new offer of financial assistance from Western Power has reduced the average cost per property to the same value as was included in the original survey that residents completed in 2016 ($5,810 average for Manning and $6,800 average for Collier).

Payment details and the repayment structure will be considered as part of the 2021/22 budget process. 

Works are estimated to commence in Collier in November 2020.

To find out more read the Council report and visit the Underground Power page on the City's website.

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