View Online Maps

Residents can access a wide range of information via an easy-to-use interactive map of the City called IntraMaps.

The digital map has a number of layers, themes, views and modules that you can activate to view different types of information, such as wards, elected members, planning and zoning information and rubbish collection dates. You can also view aerial photographs or explore local topographical information.

If you are searching for information relating to a particular property, you can look up the address and detailed and up to date information will appear instantly. 

The City uses IntraMaps for:

  • Information about property addresses, land contours, zoning, land area, heritage sites, street and lot numbers
  • Identifying property, suburb and ward boundaries
  • Identifying parks, playgrounds, highways, rights of way, roads, wetlands and trees
  • Capturing community information such as bus stops, street lights, sporting clubs and churches
  • Processing development and compliance issues
  • Assisting customers with enquiries 
  • Identifying land for processing rate information and investigating insurance claims
  • Future planning for infrastructure, environmental management, events and Ranger services.

View online maps