Community Gardens

Community gardens contribute to social and community development. The activities that take place in a community garden bring people of all ages and walks of life together and assists in building stronger communities.

By getting involved with a community garden, or starting up your own, you can enjoy recreational gardening, information and knowledge sharing, cooperating through work parties, social events and growing food.

The City aims to recognise the value of community gardens as a public amenity, as well as promote and encourage their positive outcomes including recreational activities, community development, education and events.

Starting a community garden

The City’s policy P113 Community Gardens sets out the City’s requirements for the establishment of new community gardens on City owned and/or managed land.

Policy P113 is supported by:

If you are proposing to start a new community garden, it is recommended that you contact the City at an early stage to discuss the project.

McDougall Farm Community Garden

McDougall Farm Community Garden is a prospering organic fruit and vegetable farm located in Como. The garden is managed by a group of passionate volunteers who believe in creating a safe, healthy and enjoyable community enterprise. Their vision is to create a safe and supportive gardening environment within the City for all residents.

For general information and ideas about community gardens, please visit the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network website.

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