Fees & Charges

Each year the Council is required to establish a Schedule of Fees and Charges for the use of City facilities and for the provision of identified services.

The Schedule must identify all of the fees applicable for the year including:

  • User charges for the hiring and use of various facilities
  • Fees for accessing information
  • Fees for lodgement of statutory forms and application
  • Any bonds or deposits associated with the hire and use of facilities.

The Schedule of Fees and Charges does not include:

  • Rates levied
  • Service Charges levied under the Local Government Act 1995 (such as underground power)
  • Rubbish service levies
  • Infringements
  • Leases or other individually negotiated licences.

Details of the applicable fees and charges may be obtained by selecting the relevant item from the list below.

Fees and Charges Schedule

Access to Information

Land & Property Information

Electoral Information

Reproduction of Records

Freedom of Information

Development Approvals

Precinct Structure Plans

Development Approvals

DAP Applications

Strata Plan

Planning Advisory Services

Planning Scheme Amendment

Local Development Plan

Subdivision Applications

Rates and Debtors Administration Fees

Underground Power


Events, Programs and Workshops

Community Events, Recreation and Cultural Programs and Workshops

Miscellaneous Administration Fees

Administration Fees

Building and Demolition Approvals

Building Approvals

Building Related Fees

Swimming Pool Licence

Traffic Management / Modelling

Traffic Management

Licencing and Food Safety


Advisory & Sampling Services

Inspectorial Services

Health Services

Noise Management

Waste Management

Waste Charges

Recycling Centre - Green Waste

Recycling Centre - General Waste

Recycling Centre - Specified Items

Venue Hire

Community Halls & Pavilions

Hall Hire - Related Fees

Old Mill

South Perth Library Meeting Room

George Burnett Leisure Centre

Court Hire

Room Hire

Room Hire - Related Fees

Reserves Hire

Active Reserves

Recreation (passive) Reserves

Recreation (passive) Reserves - Related Fees

Golf Course

South Perth Skate Park

GBLC Bike Circuit Track

Personal Trainers

Library Services

Borrowers Fees


Animal Control



Other Animals


Parking Management

Neighbourhood Amenity

Impounded Items



Minor Infrastructure Works

Building Related Fees


Private Drainage Connections

Reinstatement Works

Streetscape Management

Street Trees

Alternative Verge Treatment

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