Contractor Induction


The City of South Perth requires all contractors, consultants, labour-hire companies and their employees who are performing work for or on behalf of the City to complete an online induction.

If you are a company representative or business owner, you must direct ALL of your employees who will be undertaking work on your behalf at the City of South Perth to register and complete their individual inductions.  Work may not be carried out until the registration process has been completed and employees or sole traders will not be allowed on site without a valid induction certificate.

There is no cost to complete the induction and there is no limit on how many employees may be inducted.

Register for your induction

You will need to register before you can complete your online induction

Log in to complete your induction

Once you have registered you and your employees will need to log in to complete your induction.

Login and complete your induction.

Having trouble completing the contractor registration or induction?

Please refer to the portal instructions on this page. If you have any further queries, please contact your contract manager in the first instance or contact Customer Service on 9474 0777 and have your call directed to:

General Enquiry - Procurement team

Technical Issues – Human Resources team