Being a responsible dog owner means ensuring your dog is registered with your local government, microchipped, trained, healthy, safe, well cared for, and does not create a nuisance to other members of your community.

All dogs over the age of three months are required to microchipped and registered with the City. 

The Dog Act 1976 contains provisions about the keeping and control of dogs. The City allows you to keep no more than two dogs over the age of three months. Households can apply for permission to keep more than two dogs by completing the 'Application to keep more than two dogs' outlining the reasons why you wish to keep more than two dogs. A fee applies to the application as listed under the City’s Fees and Charges. The fee is non-refundable should the application be declined.

If your dog escapes from your property, you may be liable for any damage or injury caused. A City’s Ranger may impound any dog found wandering unrestrained in any public place other than a designated dog exercise area.

You may also be prosecuted if your dog chases or attacks any person, animal or bird when the dog is out of their control.


In accordance with the Dog Act 1976, it is a legal requirement that all dogs are microchipped. 

A veterinarian (vet), veterinarian nurse or a person with the relevant qualifications from a registered training provider is able to implant a microchip in your dog.

Proof of microchipping is also required to register your dog with the City. This can be provided with either a copy of the microchip certificate/paperwork or a Veterinary Surgeon Certificate.

A person who fails to ensure their dog is microchipped after 1 November 2015 is liable for a fine of up to $5,000.

New dog registration and sterilisation

If your dog is sterilised, registration will be charged at a reduced rate. Proof of sterilisation can be either by means of a Veterinary Surgeon Certificate, a signed Statutory Declaration or by a Ranger of the City of South Perth sighting the tattoo inside your dog's ear. If you would like your dog inspected for an ear tattoo, please bring your dog to the City’s Animal Care Facility at 199 Thelma Street, Como between 12-2pm Wednesday - Sunday. 

Pensioner rebates 

Upon production of a Pensioner Concession Card, pensioners may register their dogs for half the usual fee.

If your dog is currently registered with another local government, you can transfer the registration to the City using the registration form below. Please note that a fee will be charge for a replacement animal registration tag. View the City’s Fees and Charges for the cost. 

Registration renewals

To renew your dog registration online, please have your renewal notice in hand.

Pay dog registration renewal

Online payments are not currently available if:

  • you are registering your dog for the first time with the City of South Perth (including transfer from another local government area)
  • the sterilisation or microchip details have changed from those on your registration renewal notice
  • you have recently become a pension card holder

If any of the above apply, please contact the City on 9474 0777 for further information. To find out more about payment options, visit the Make a Payment page of the website.

Please note:

No refunds will be issued for dog registrations if your loved one has transferred to another Council or has sadly passed away.

Cancel animal registration

Animal infringement appeal

Appeal an infringement

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