Stakeholder Engagement

The City of South Perth is committed to informing, listening to and involving stakeholders in the decision making process.

Stakeholder engagement is a planned and purposeful process that encompasses a variety of techniques and methods.  It provides opportunities for stakeholders to be involved in and contribute to decisions that affect their lives.

Stakeholder engagement at the City of South Perth

Stakeholder engagement is part of the City’s core business, inviting our community and stakeholders to contribute to decision making, projects and plans. The City’s approach to stakeholder engagement is based on the IAP2 (International Association for Public Participation) Public Participation Spectrum, which is considered best practice globally.

Engagement principles

The following principles guide the City’s approach to and practice of stakeholder engagement:

  1. We are committed to embedding a culture of engagement at the City of South Perth
    We will champion engagement at the City. We are committed to integrating engagement into the organisation’s processes and practices by providing the necessary resources and support to staff. 
  2. We know why we are engaging
    We are clear about the purpose of the engagement and ensure that this is reflected in the processes we plan and engagement we undertake.
  3. We know who to engage
    We identify the right stakeholders and use a range of techniques to ensure our approach is inclusive and appropriate.
  4. We understand the background and context
    We take the time to understand the history, issues or concerns which may affect the project and engagement, and explore the context in order to clearly define the negotiables and non-negotiables. 
  5. We are committed to genuine engagement  
    We engage when there is an opportunity for stakeholders to have meaningful input into the decision to be made. We undertake authentic, appropriate engagement and provide stakeholder feedback to the decision makers. We learn from past practice and experience.
  6. We are innovative, responsive and professional
    We are dedicated to providing high quality engagement and are innovative and flexible in our approach. We work to build relationships and are responsive to the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Engagement activities

The City’s engagement activities include participation in workshops, focus groups, drop in and information sessions, stakeholder/community reference groups, surveys and community panels, as well as numerous opportunities to get involved online through Your Say South Perth.

Your Say South Perth

Your Say South Perth is the City’s engagement portal, which allows our community and stakeholders to provide feedback, share their thoughts, ideas and aspirations online. There are a number of creative tools on Your say South Perth to facilitate participation in many different ways - online forms, ideas boards and mapping tools to name a few – at a time and place that is convenient for our community members. Feedback is an important part of the City’s engagement process and helps to inform the City’s decision making, projects and plans.

Visit Your Say South Perth

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