Stakeholder Engagement

The City of South Perth is committed to informing, listening to and involving stakeholders in the decision making process.

The City offers a range of opportunities for stakeholders including residents, workers, community groups, business, government and industry stakeholders to share ideas, insight and feedback on our projects and policies to help inform Council decisions.

Part of the City’s commitment to engaging with stakeholders is to provide a number of different methods and ways for you to contribute to the City's vision, planning and projects.

You have the opportunity to take part via:

  • Workshops and community meetings
  • Stakeholder meetings and focus groups
  • Online via Your Say South Perth
  • Community reference groups
  • Advisory panels
  • Drop-in or pop-up sessions
  • Surveys
  • Other engagement events or activities.

Consultation and engagement outcomes are collated, analysed and considered along with other input and technical, financial or legislative requirements as a key part of Council's decision-making process.

What is community or stakeholder engagement?

'Engagement is a planned process with the specific purpose of working across organisations, stakeholder and communities to shape the decisions or actions of the members of the community, stakeholders or organisations in relation to a problem, opportunity or outcome' - IAP2 Australasia.

The City’s approach to stakeholder engagement

It’s important that our community has opportunities to contribute to the decisions that shape our City. Involving our community and stakeholders in decision making is key to being an accessible, transparent and responsive local government.

The City of South Perth is a member of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) Australasia and subscribes to the IAP2 core values and the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard.

The following principles guide our approach to engaging the community in decision-making:

  • Integrity: Engagement should be clear in scope and purpose
  • Inclusiveness: Engagement should be accessible and capture a full range of values and perspectives
  • Dialogue: Engagement should promote dialogue and open up genuine discussion
  • Influence: The community should be able to see and understand the impact of their involvement in consultations that the City conducts.

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