Elected Members and employees of the City of South Perth are committed to the democratic process and the principles of good governance.

Good governance for the City is about how well it provides goods, services and programs while also meeting its legislative and non-legislative requirements and community expectations. This is achieved by having the best possible decision making processes and structures in place that are transparent and accountable, and having integrity when interacting with the community, businesses and with government. 

Governance Framework

The City of South Perth Governance Framework 2016 has been prepared to ensure our compliance with all relevant legislation, including the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act) and the pursuit of best practice as a democratic local government.

It is an overview of the governance program that has been put in place so that Elected Members and employees can meet their governance responsibilities. It also enables our community and stakeholders to have an understanding of governance and demonstrates how all people associated with our Council can participate.

Code of Conduct

The City’s Code of Conduct sets standards of behaviour for Elected Members, committee members and employees in their duties. The code is based on the City’s values of Trust, Respect, Understanding and Teamwork, with the purpose of encouraging ethical behaviour, to foster community confidence in the integrity of local government.

Integrity Framework

The City's Integrity Framework 2020 outlines the policies, mechanisms and responsibilities that help us deliver our Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027 through a high level of honesty, objectivity, ethics and accountability.

The Integrity Framework is underpinned by the City’s values and visions for the future.

Public Registers

The City is required to maintain and publish certain registers to the City's website for public inspection in accordance with the Act.

A hard copy of the registers listed below are also available for viewing by appointment at the Civic Centre.

Gifts and Travel Contributions

The Act requires Elected Members and City Officers with delegated authority to make decisions or act on behalf of the City, to:

  • Notify the local government CEO in writing within 10 days of any notifiable gift
  • Refuse to accept any gift valued at $300 or more.

The City must maintain, and make available to the public, the following:

Gift Register

Local Government Ordinary Election Gift Register 

Contributions to Travel

Elected Members' Professional Development Register

The Elected Members' Professional Development Register details professional development courses completed by Elected Members' in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995 and the Elected Member Continuing Professional Development Policy.

Minor Breaches

A council member commits a minor breach if he or she contravenes the Local Government (Rules of Conduct) Regulations 2007 (the Regulations; Act section 5.105[1]). The Regulations contain a set of rules for the conduct of council members. Only conduct that is prohibited under the Regulations can be found to be a minor breach. Under the Regulations, breaches of some parts of a Local Government’s Standing Orders Local Law are considered a minor breach. Under section 5.121 of the Act, the City is required to publish a register of complaints which record all complaints that result in a finding that a minor breach has occurred.

Freedom of Information

The Western Australian Freedom of Information Act 1992 (FOI Act) gives you the right to apply for access to documents held by the City of South Perth.

The City is required to help you make an application, obtain access to documents at the lowest reasonable cost and ensure that personal information is accurate. Your right to apply is not affected by your reasons for obtaining access, or the agency’s belief of your reasons for applying.

It is advised, but not compulsory, to fill out a Freedom of Information Application Form.

Applications must:

  • Be in writing
  • Provide enough information so that the documents can be identified
  • Include a valid Australian postal address to which the documents can be sent, and
  • Be lodged with the City with any applicable fee.

Once the City has received a claim it will assess it against the FOI Act and issue a notice of decision. Applications can take up to 45 days to process. Extra charges may apply for a large number of documents.

Information Statement

An Information Statement, updated annually, provides details about the history, demographics, government structure, administration and statutory responsibilities of the City of South Perth, as well as facts regarding freedom of information and schedules and forms.

Public Interest Disclosures Act 2003

The Public Interest Disclosures Act 2003 facilitates the disclosure of public interest information and provides protection for those making such disclosures and those who are the subject of disclosures.

This Act applies to public authorities such as the City of South Perth and provides a system for the matters disclosed to be investigated and for appropriate action to be taken. 

Every public authority is required to have a Public Interest Disclosures (PID) officer to receive disclosures of public interest information.

At the City of South Perth the PID officer is the Manager Governance.

Email: enquiries@southperth.wa.gov.au

Phone: 9474 0777

Further information regarding Public Interest Disclosures can be found on the Public Sector Commission website.

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