2021 Rate Notices and Recycling Centre vouchers coming soon

News Update 28 July 2021
Underground Power

2021 rate notices will be sent out in the next few weeks. Property owners are encouraged to keep an eye out for the envelope with the City of South Perth logo.

Your rate notice envelope will also include:

Recycling Centre vouchers

Vouchers are sent with the rate notice as a separate brochure. Please ensure that you keep your vouchers in a safe place and take them with you when you visit the Recycling Centre. Please note that the vouchers are not transferable.

Recycling Centre vouchers entitle residents to dispose of two payloads of green waste and one payload of general waste per year.

2021/22 Budget brochure

Do you know how your rates are calculated? How the City's budget is made up? Or what projects are planned for this financial year? The budget brochure contains all this information and more. 

State Underground Power brochure

Property owners in the Manning and Collier State Underground Power project areas will receive an information brochure with their rate notices providing answers to some frequently asked questions as well as an explanation of how the underground power charge is determined.

Underground power will be billed in five annual instalments with the first instalment amount identified on the rate notice.

For more information about how your rates are calculated, visit the Rates & Payments section of the website.

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