Structure & Responsibilities

The Executive Management Team, comprising the Chief Executive Officer and three Directors, provides high-level strategic direction and decision-making skills to City and Council. They are responsible for implementing Council decisions, managing the daily operations of the City and strategic and financial planning to ensure operational sustainability, accountability and effective service delivery to the community. 

There are three directorates reporting to the Chief Executive Officer; Infrastructure Services, Development and Community Services and Financial and Information Services. Each director is responsible for different key areas of the City’s administration and operations.

Geoff Glass, Chief Executive Officer

Geoff Glass, Chief Executive Officer

Geoff is an experienced senior manager and has been CEO of a number of organisations. He has tertiary qualifications in business administration, town planning and local government and has had a wide range of career responsibilities primarily in Western Australia and South Australia.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma in Town Planning, Graduate Diploma in Local Government Administration, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Geoff is responsible for:

  • Council liaison
  • Governance and statutory compliance
  • Organisational development
  • Inter-government relations
  • Sustainability
  • Communications and public relations
  • Human resource management
  • Ranger services 

Vicki Lummer, Director Development and Community Services

Vicki Lummer, Director Development and Community Services

Vicki has had extensive experience in Urban Planning in local government both internationally and locally. She has held management positions at the Cities of Nedlands and Cockburn, and the Town of Claremont.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts in Geography, Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning, Local Government Managers Association board member, Australian Institute Company Directors Graduate.

Vicki is responsible for:
  • Sustainable development
  • City projects
  • Town planning
  • Building control
  • Health services
  • Aged care
  • Community, culture and recreation

Michael Kent, Director Financial and Information Services

Michael Kent, Director Financial and Information Services

Michael commenced employment with the City of South Perth in 1997 in the financial services area and has served in an executive role since 2001. During that time, he has been responsible for introducing a number of innovations in the technology and customer service areas. Prior to his employment at the city he held a senior accounting role at the City of Melville for three years and he has extensive experience in accounting in private practice.

Qualifications: Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma in Business Administration, Certified Practising Accountant, Local Government Managers Australia Member.

Michael is responsible for:

  • Financial services
  • Information technology
  • Libraries
  • Customer service
  • Records management

Mark Taylor, Director Infrastructure Services

Mark Taylor, Director Infrastructure Services

Mark officially commenced in the role in 2015 after acting in the position for two years during local government reform. Mark was previously the Manager of City Environment for 13 years and has extensive experience in environmental, parks and foreshore management.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Environmental Science.

Mark is responsible for: 

  • Infrastructure survey and design
  • Parks, engineering and building construction and maintenance
  • Waste management
  • Collier Park Golf Course management and maintenance
  • Emergency management
  • Asset management
  • Traffic management
  • Foreshore management

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