About My Rates

Rates account for approximately 71% of the City's operating revenue. The City invests this revenue in our community with new infrastructure and facilities as well as upgrades and improvements to existing infrastructure such as river walls, roads, paths and drainage. Additionally, the City provides a range of services for our community including:

  • Libraries
  • Weekly rubbish collections and fortnightly rubbish recycling services
  • One hard waste and two green waste verge side collections per year
  • Community events
  • Parks, playgrounds and sporting facilities
  • Community facilities
  • George Burnett Leisure Centre
  • Aged care facilities
  • Senior citizens centres
  • Community safety initiatives

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About my rate charges

What are Local Government rates and what do they pay for? Why have my rates gone up? What is the City of South Perth 'Rate in the Dollar'? Why has the rate in the dollar gone down this year? What is the Gross Rental Value (GRV)? How is the Gross Rental Value (GRV) calculated? Will my GRV change? How do I lodge an objection on the Gross Rental Value of my property? How are my rates calculated? Why don't rates go down when there is a drop in the property market? What is the Emergency Services Levy? How is the Emergency Services Levy calculated? What is the Rubbish Service fee? What is the Swimming Pool fee? Can I object to paying my rates? What support can the City provide if I can’t pay my rates? What are Interim Rates? What is the Minimum Rate?

Paying my rates

What are the instalment payment dates? I haven't paid my rates on time, what should I do? Can I make other arrangements to pay my rates?

About Concessions, Pensions and Seniors Rates

Where can I find out more? Where can I get information about concession cards?

Change of Address

How do I advise the council of my change of address? How do I advise the council of change of ownership?

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