Underground Power update

News Update 4 March 2022
Underground Power

Underground power is one step closer in the South Perth and Hurlingham project areas. 

City of South Perth Council approved a Retrospective Undergrounding Project (RUP) South Perth and Hurlingham report at the February 2022 Council meeting. This authorises the CEO to sign the Western Power RUP co-funding agreement for the delivery of underground power to a combined project area of South Perth and Hurlingham.

The project is expected to commence in September 2022 and is estimated to take approximately 12-15 months. 

Payment details and the repayment structure will be considered as part of the 2022/23 budget process.

This City and Western Power be in contact with property owners in the coming week with further details about the project.

Current Projects

The State Underground Power Program (SUPP) project in Collier has finished ahead of schedule with works completed in March 2022. 

Works are continuing in the Manning SUPP project area, with supply delays extending the the expected completion date to mid-August 2022.


The State Underground Power Program (SUPP) replaces overhead power lines with underground power infrastructure. The Program is a partnership between the State Government, Western Power and local government and is administered by Energy Policy WA. 

The Western Power contractors, Genus are currently working in the Manning area as part of Round Six of the State Underground Power Program.

For more information on the State Underground Power project, visit the Underground Power page.

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