Local Laws

The City has enacted a number of local laws that govern activities on land that is owned or managed by the City, as well as certain activities conducted on private land within the City.

These local laws have the status of legislation and are enforceable by the City. The City may authorise Officers to enforce the local laws on its behalf. The City is required to review its local laws once every eight years.

Local laws currently in force in the City of South Perth

Waste Local Law 2017

The purpose of this local law is to regulate the storage, collection and disposal of waste and refuse from residential premises and on waste facilities in the City.

Parking Local Law 2017

The purpose of this local law is to establish the City as a parking region, define parking facilities and regulate the parking of vehicles within the City. The local law enables the City to regulate the parking of vehicles within the district and provide for the management and operation of parking facilities under the City’s care, control and management.

Cats Local Law 2016

The purpose of the local law is to set a ‘standard number’ of cats that may be kept on premises. The effect is that persons must not keep more than the standard number of cats unless provided for by the local law, the Cat Act, or its associated Regulations.

Dogs Local Law 2016

Provides for the activities of dogs and their owners in public places. Establishes certain areas for use by dogs and their owners under prescribed conditions. Allows the City to deal with dogs and charge fees for such dealings.

Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law 2011

Provides regulation for the management of public property and the activities that may be conducted on public property that is owned or managed by the City. This local law does not apply to the golf courses.

Standing Orders Local Law 2007

Provides for procedures relating to the conduct of council and other meetings, the requirements of members at meetings and other related purposes. These Standing Orders incorporate the amendments in Standing Orders Amendment Local Law 2010, 2012 and 2017.

Penalty Units Local Law

The local law initially adopted in 2003, prescribes the value of a penalty unit. Under section 9.17 of the Local Government Act 1995, the City may prescribe modified penalties for the issue of infringement notices for the commission of prescribed offences. The City has adopted a number of local laws that have prescribed modified penalties expressed in penalty units.

Health Local Laws 2002

The City of South Perth Health Local Laws 2002 were made pursuant to the powers under the Health Act 1911. These local laws cover sanitation, housing and general, waste food and refuse, nuisances and general, pest control, infectious diseases, lodging houses, offensive trades and penalties.

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