Streets Meets

Would you like to get to know your neighbours better? Streets Meets is a community program to help residents plan and hold safe neighbourhood events in their street. 

Holding a Streets Meets event is a great way to get to know your neighbours in a fun and casual environment. 

Read the Street Meets application guide

Benefits of Streets Meets

  • Increased sense of belonging in the community
  • Getting to know new neighbours
  • Strengthening bonds with neighbours and looking out for each other
  • Improved community safety.

Streets Meets activities could include:

  • Kids’ play in the street
  • Street garage sale
  • Morning tea or coffee
  • Picnic
  • Any activity that gets people outside their front doors and chatting to each other.

Getting started

Depending on your event, it's a good idea to start planning two to three months in advance. You will need to get support from your neighbour, the City and Police.

To get things started, please follow these simple steps. The Streets Meets Guide provides more detailed information. 

  1. Plan your event and seek support from your neighbours
  2. Discuss your proposed event with the City by calling us on 94747 0777 or by emailing communitysafety@southperth
  3. Submit an application to the WA Police for temporary road closure 
  4. Submit the necessary paperwork to the City for event approval via our online form.

In order to close your street, you will need to demonstrate approval from the majority of the people who live there. 

The Streets Meets Guide provides tools, templates and examples that can help when organising an event including:

  • Event guide
  • Event checklist
  • Letterbox notification
  • Neighbour consent form
  • Invitation
  • Road closure process
  • Road closure consent
  • Traffic management plan templates.

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