Underground Power - Collier update

News Update 21 May 2021
Underground Power

Collier Zone Map

Works are underway for the underground power project in the area known as Collier bounded by Canning Highway, Ryrie Avenue, Blamey Place and South Terrace.

Following preliminary and detailed design for the area undertaken in late 2019, project works commenced in March 2021 for the installation of new underground cabling, primary equipment and new LED street lights.

Works in this area will be staged in three zones (see map) and will proceed in sequence by zone to minimise the impact on residents and to enable the efficient reinstatement of verges.

Western Power's contractor, Diamond Underground Services will issue letters of advice at each stage of the project 

Zone 1

Locating services works have now commenced around Todd Ave and Ryrie Ave with drilling and cabling works taking place on Hobbs Ave, Blamey Pl, Todd Ave, Bland St and Monash Ave.

Zone 2

Surveying and locating works are taking place around Birdwood Ave, Hobbs Ave and Monash Ave with drilling and cabling taking place on some sections of Hobbs Ave.

Western Power's contractors Diamond Underground Services will keep you informed about each stage of the project as it happens via a letter in your mailbox notifying you of details of the works to be undertaken.


The State Underground Power Program is a partnership between the State Government, Western Power and local government and is administered by the Public Utilities Office (PUO).

The City was successful in securing State Government funding for the areas of Manning (the area bounded by Manning Rd, Kwinana Fwy, Hope Ave and Challenger Ave) and Collier in 2017.

In September 2020 the Council accepted a $2.2 million COVID-19 financial relief package from Western Power which will substantially reduce the project costs.

Payment details and the repayment structure will be considered as part of the City’s 2021/22 budget process.

The Manning conversion is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2021. South Perth and Hurlingham commencement dates are still to be confirmed.

To find out more visit the Underground Power page on this website or visit westernpower.com.au/underground-power-projects.

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