Recreation and Aquatic Facility (RAF)

The City is investigating the feasibility of, and funding opportunities for a Recreation and Aquatic Facility (RAF).

The proposed RAF will be a premier health, fitness, wellness and recreation hub located at Collier Park Golf in the heart of the City of South Perth. Setting a new benchmark in health, wellness and leisure, the RAF will be a unique socially inclusive destination where physical activity and lifestyle experiences meet.

Collier Park Golf will be retained with traditional 27 hole course facilities including shorter form golf. The area adjacent to the existing club house will be remodelled to provide a double storey technology based driving range and an improved short game practice area. It will also include the mini-golf facility that is currently under development.

Why a recreation and aquatic facility?

An aquatic facility has been under consideration for over a decade, with a number of polls, surveys, studies and reports indicating community support. 

One of the key strategies within the City’s Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030 is to plan for and promote the development of recreation and aquatic facilities to service City of South Perth needs.

The community demand, along with the lack of indoor sporting facilities in the City and the need for the City to address the ongoing viability and long term use of George Burnett Leisure Centre (GBLC) and Collier Park Golf Course, has led the City to initiate the RAF project. A timeline of Council decisions can be found below in the background information.

Conventional swimming pools can require ongoing financial subsidy to meet operational costs. The integration of a number of leisure, sporting and recreation facilities in a single venue increases the potential to attract external funding and provides economies of scale in service provision, capital cost and ongoing operational costs.


Before a business case could be considered, it was necessary to identify potential funding partners. The feasibility stage involved engagement with external organisations within and adjacent to the City, including Curtin University, to explore partnership opportunities. 

A financial commitment of $20 million from the Federal Government was secured in April 2019 and additional partnership opportunities continue to be investigated. A range of key stakeholders have been engaged to determine the level of support to ensure that the RAF could be a financially sustainable consideration both now and into the future.

The potential for this project to proceed is based on a number of factors including (but not limited to):

  • The attraction of appropriate levels of funding from Government and the commercial sector
  • Demonstrated financial self-sustainability now and in the future.  

A project gateway structure has been developed to facilitate governance and decision making support and to retain Council oversight and control of the project. The timeline identifies nine project stages as can be seen in the FAQ section of this page. 

The key stages completed to date are as follows: 

Stage 1: Project Definition and Business Case

The Stage 1 Project Team has been engaged and we are working with potential funding partners and sporting entities to review operational constraints and funding opportunities.

A report was presented to Council at the November 2020 meeting along with the Stakeholder Community Engagement Report, the Project Definition Plan (confidential - redacted version publicly available), Operational Feasibility Report (confidential) and Business Plan.

At the November Council Meeting, Elected Members approved the Business Plan for public comment and endorsed a financial commitment of $20 million to match $20 million already promised by the Federal Government. The City will now seek additional funding required in order to progress the project to the design phase.

Stage 2: Business Plan

The Business Plan was approved at a Special Council Meeting on Monday 15 March 2021. The City will now sign the $20 million Federal Government project funding agreement and continue to pursue additional funding opportunities. 

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March 2021

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Media Response 19 March 2021

Media enquiry about RAF funding details.


Council approve RAF Business Plan

News Update 16 March 2021

Council has approved the Recreation and Aquatic Facility Business Plan and authorised the CEO to sign the $20 million Federal Government grant funding for the project.


RAF Business Case peer review

News Update 12 March 2021

Independent review of the RAF Business Case finds no ‘fundamental barriers’ to the RAF project progressing to the next stage.


Indicative concept designs

The following designs are indicative of how the RAF might look like should the project progress to the design stage.