Due to our proximity to the Perth CBD, there is a strong demand for parking in the City of South Perth. To ensure equitable access to parking, the City provides a variety of parking options:

  • Free unrestricted and time-limited parking
  • Short term (pay by the hour) and long term (pay for the entire day) ticket parking
  • A number of ACROD bays for ACROD permit holders.

Revenue raised from metered parking and fines is reinvested by the City into a number of initiatives and programs.

Parking in the City of South Perth

Free parking

Free unrestricted and time-limited parking is available in most streets. Parking signs indicate time limits and parking restrictions in each location. You may move your car to another street after your allotted time has expired. Moving your vehicle to a different location on the same street will incur a fine. It is an offence to remove chalk marks made by a community ranger from your tyres.

Short and long term metered parking

Metered parking is available in high demand locations and within the City’s commercial precincts.

Verge parking

To park on a verge, you will need the permission of the owner/occupier of the premises adjacent to the verge, unless where signage prohibits such action. 

During special events, parking on some verges is restricted. See below for more information on special event parking restrictions.

Private paid parking

Parking restrictions

The City has a set of local laws that relate to parking and parking facilities. These laws ensure all motorists park safely and that parking is fair for everyone. Fines may be issued where motorists do not adhere to these laws.

Common mistakes made by motorists when parking or stopping their vehicles include:

  • Stopping in a no stopping area: You may not stop the vehicle for any amount of time, generally because of safety and access reasons. Areas are indicated by signs and/or solid yellow lines adjacent to the kerb or road edge
  • Parking in a no parking area: You may stop the vehicle to immediately set down or pick up passengers/goods. The driver must remain with the vehicle
  • Parking in a loading zone, bus stop, or designated vehicle bay (i.e. ACROD permit bay, taxi rank or motorcycle parking bay)
  • Parking on a verge where signage prohibits such action, or without permission from the property owner or occupier
  • Parking and obstructing footpath access, right-of-ways or private driveways
  • Parking facing against the traffic flow (parking the front of the car in the wrong direction)Parking within three metres of a double barrier white line, ten metres of an intersection or nine metres of a traffic island
  • Parking in a restricted area during a special event without an appropriate permit.

Parking at special events

During certain special events, roads in some areas of the City of South Perth have restricted access. No street or verge parking is permitted during this time on these roads.

For Australia Day, if you live in the restricted area you can enter the area by presenting a valid driver’s license with your current address. If you normally park on the verge, you will need to apply for a Resident Verge Permit (information will be available leading up to the event on the Australia Day page).

If you are expecting visitors and have a parking space available on your property, you can apply for a Visitor Access Permit for your guests (information will be available leading up to the event on the Australia Day page). This permit does not allow them to park on the verge or street.

ACROD parking

An Australian Disability Parking Permit entitles holders to use ACROD parking bays within the City. Please ensure that your permit is clearly displayed inside the windscreen of the vehicle.

The City’s access and mobility map provides the location of ramps, pathways and parking bays.

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