Becoming an Australian Citizen

If you are planning on becoming an Australian citizen, contact the Department of Home Affairs who will be able to provide guidance on applying for citizenship.

The Department of Home Affairs can arrange your citizenship application, interview, test and approval process.

Once your citizenship application is approved by the Department of Home Affairs, the City of South Perth will send you an invitation to a Citizenship Ceremony, where you will become an Australian citizen. 

The City of South Perth holds Citizenship Ceremonies four times a year.


How do I apply for Australian citizenship? How can I find out more information about my citizenship application once lodged? When will I know if my citizenship application is approved? What is the wait time for a citizenship ceremony? When and how will I receive my citizenship ceremony invitation from the City? Where is the citizenship ceremonies held? How long does the Citizenship ceremony run for? Do children need to attend citizenship ceremony? What to bring to the ceremony? What should I wear?