Equipment to borrow


There are 10 iPads available for use within the library at South Perth Library. 

The iPads are available from a self-service dispenser located near the front door and accessed using your library card. The iPad can be used for up to six hours.

The iPads will automatically log on to our WiFi and are ready for downloading apps, printing, playing, email or anything else you may like to do.

When you have finished, slide the iPad back into any free bay. The iPad will be wiped clean of all data and apps you have added during your active session to maintain your privacy and security.

Email us if there are any apps you would like us to make available.


Engravers that can be used on any surface are available to borrow at South Perth Library. Identify appliances, sporting goods and many other items of value in case of theft or you can even engrave a message on gifts and trophies.


Measure the power requirements of your appliances at home with one of the library’s Powermates. Determine the running cost of an appliance or identify a faulty appliance that is using more power than it should. Powermates are available to borrow from the library. 

Wellbeing Kit

City of South Perth Libraries are committed to supporting community members to maintain active and healthy lifestyles. To facilitate this, South Perth and Manning Libraries are now offering Wellbeing Kits for members to borrow for up to three weeks. 

Each kit contains:

1 x skipping rope

1 x pedometer, with instruction booklet

1 x hand therapy ball

1 x resistance band, with instruction leaflet


For more information, speak to one of the library staff or email us.