Swimming Pools

If you plan to install a swimming pool on your property, you must first obtain a Building Permit  from the City. An application must include details of the swimming pool or spa’s barrier.

All private swimming pools in Western Australia are required to have a compliant safety barrier that surrounds the pool or spa in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1926.1 - 1993 (incorporating Amendment No. 1 only) and part 3.9 of Volume 2 of the National Construction Code.

A pool or spa includes a blow up or portable above ground pool when it can contain water that is more than 300mm deep.

Once installed all pools must:

  • Be inspected, approved and registered by the City before they can be filled with water. Further inspections will be carried out within a four-year period; and
  • Swimming pool pumps and filtration equipment should be suitably located (as far away as possible for neighbouring properties) in order to minimise noise impacts on neighbours.

It is the owner/occupier’s responsibility to ensure that the safety barrier is compliant, operating and maintained at all times.

Please refer to the Building Commission’s fact sheet - Thinking of installing a swimming pool or spa? for information about pool fencing regulations and the building approvals process for new swimming pools/spas and safety barriers.