Application Process

To obtain development approval, you must lodge an application for development approval with the City of South Perth.

For most kinds of development approval applications, a reputable architect, draftsperson or town planner should be engaged to prepare and assist with submission.

The development approval application needs to include:

  • Application for Development Approval Form
  • Three sets of plans including site plan, floor plan and elevations (floor plans and site plans maybe combined)
  • A letter explaining any variations to requirements
  • Prescribed fee.

Applicants will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of the application shortly after submission. This letter is sent after a preliminary check of the application is completed, and as such, may include a request for additional information or details. Further information may also be requested by the assessing City Planning Officer as part of a more detailed assessment process.

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Please refer to the checklists in the documents list below for more information on what is required for some of the common types of development approval applications.


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For more information about development approvals, please contact the City’s Planning department.