Financial Hardship Assistance

City of South Perth ratepayers, residents, businesses, community groups and clubs experiencing financial hardship may be eligible for the City's Financial Hardship Assistance.

Financial hardship means that a person or organisation is experiencing difficulty in meeting their financial obligations. They have the intention but not the financial capacity to pay debts owed to the City. 

Financial Hardship Assistance is available for debts owing to the City including:

  • Rates, Emergency Services Levy (ESL), waste service charge and fees and charges
  • Leases, licences and rentals
  • Self-supporting loans
  • Other debts such as Underground Power or sundry debts.

Temporary Financial Hardship Assistance measures may include:

  • A reduction in debt repayment amounts
  • Deferring payments for a specified time 
  • A reduction or elimination of penalty interest for a specified time
  • The suspension of the debt recovery process. 

Applying for Financial Hardship Assistance (FHA)

To be considered for FHA, you are required to demonstrate financial hardship by:

  1. Completing this form and returning it to the City
  2. Providing supporting evidence to include one of the following:

For individual applicants

  • Letter from a Financial Counsellor
  • Statutory Declaration confirming loss of job or reduction in income and proof of Centrelink benefits inclusive of JobSeeker payment
  • Medical Certificate/medical evidence confirming inability to work
  • Letter from employer advising decrease of hours, loss of employment
  • Copy of hardship letter from mortgagee or superannuation fund.

For Business, Community Groups and Clubs

  • Evidence of State or Federal Government financial hardship relief such as confirmation of JobKeeper eligibility


  • Sufficient financial information to prove financial hardship to the City:
    • Current financial statements and/or management accounts and supporting financial information to these
    • Letter from administrator
    • Letter from landlord confirming that any relief they receive will be passed on to you as the tenant.


For more information about what the City is doing in relation to COVID-19, visit the Covid page on this website.

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Assistance requested 

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Please note that a separate form needs to be used for each property

Please note that a separate form needs to be used for each property


It is hereby declared that:

  • I am/We are experiencing extreme financial hardship
  • I am/We are not bankrupt or subject to a bankruptcy petition
  • I/We will advise the City of South Perth if there is any change to my/our financial circumstances.
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