Business Support

The City is committed to supporting its local businesses and recognises the role they play in linking, sustaining and strengthening our community.

This section is intended to provide some guidance and helpful information to assist you with your business decisions.

In addition, the Small Business Development Corporation provide a range of information, guidance and resources for starting a small business.

Economic development

The City recognises the importance of sound economic planning and development and the vital role it plays in building sustainable and liveable communities.

The views and aspirations of the community gained from the Our Vision Ahead consultation process heavily influences the core values and actions of the City's Economic Development Strategy 2013-2016.

The strategy focuses on actions that sit within four over-arching strategic areas:

  • Economic development leadership and facilitation
  • Urban place-making and revitalisation
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Strategic property management.

The City promotes and facilitates economic development through its ‘whole of organisation’ culture in order to encourage new residents, visitors, new businesses and developments that will help make the community’s vision for the City become a reality.

Business Foundations workshops

The City has partnered with Business Foundations to provide a series of low-cost workshops for local businesses. The workshops are aimed at teaching actionable business management know-how to our small business community. The workshops cover a variety of topics including customer service, merchandising, selling online, finances, social media and hiring and firing.

Visit the Events section to browse all events in the City and register for any upcoming Business Beyond workshops.

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