Collier Park Village

Collier Park Village (CPV) has been owned and operated by the City for more than 30 years, offering independent living for those aged 55 years and over.

Opened in 1986 as a Council initiative, CPV is situated on Crown Land designated for aged persons homes. 

Currently, CPV is home to 194 residents, offering 169 two-bedroom, one-bathroom self-contained units.

Future Operator

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 28 March 2023, Council endorsed the Officer Recommendation to commence a ‘Request for Proposal’ (RfP) process for Collier Park Village (CPV).

The City invited experienced retirement village operators to present proposals to improve and enhance CPV, which closed on 30 June 2023. The City evaluated the proposals and at its 31 October 2023 Ordinary Meeting, Council endorsed Amana Living Incorporated as the preferred future operator.

The City is now progressing negotiations with Amana Living Incorporated for the ultimate transfer of the land, ensuring the requirements of the RfP are reflected in any future contract. 

Prior to this occurring, Council will be required to:

  • Endorse advertisement of a Business Plan in accordance with Local Government Act 1995;
  • Endorse the Business Plan following Statewide notice; and
  • Authorise the Chief Executive Officer and the Mayor to execute a contract with Amana Living Incorporated.

These matters will be presented to Council following negotiations with Amana Living Incorporated.

Collier Park Village (CPV) offers 169 two-bedroom, one-bathroom self-contained units, where village residents enjoy an autonomous lifestyle with the independence to travel as they please and entertain family and friends in their own home.

Free from the burden of maintaining a large family home, life in the village also releases the capital needed to make the most of retirement.

The Community Centre is a social hub for residents. A varied activities program is organised by residents and an active social committee and includes quiz, bingo and games nights, exercise classes, yoga and meditation, morning and afternoon teas, pool and billiards.

For convenience, the following services are included in the monthly maintenance levy:

  • Maintenance and repair of exterior and fixed interior areas
  • Water rates
  • General household rubbish removal (external contractor)
  • Village administration
  • Electricity for street lighting and other common services
  • Maintenance of common areas, grounds, gardens, roads, paths and hot water systems
  • Building insurance
  • An emergency alarm call system available 24/7
  • After-hours call monitoring for urgent matters available 24/7. 

Additional services are available on a user pays basis include:

  • Hairdresser: an independent hairdresser operates from the Community Centre most week days
  • Podiatrist: an independent podiatrist operates from the Community Centre by appointment only
  • Doctor: an independent doctor operates from the Community Centre by appointment only
  • Physiotherapy Class: an independent physiotherapist operates a class from the Community Centre one morning per week
  • Yoga: an independent yoga teacher operates from the Community Centre one morning per week.

Floor Plans

A range of floor plans are available with all units refurbished prior to occupation. Most units feature individual courtyards and no common walls for extra privacy and comfort, as well as kitchen, bathroom, laundry, locked storeroom and adjoining enclosed garage with remote controlled doors.

Several fittings are also included, with units including additional features such as two television aerial connections, two telephone points and air-conditioning.

Collier Park Village Sample Floor Plans

Pricing & Payments


The lease price of each Collier Park Village unit is determined by an independent party, taking into consideration current market trends. Included in the lease price is:

  • A non-refundable contribution to village amenities (lease premium)
  • A five percent non-refundable refurbishment levy, calculated on the total purchase price of the unit.

The balance of the lease price (after the lease premium and refurbishment levy) is retained in a cash-backed resident's reserve, reimbursed when the resident vacates the unit.

If exiting the village after five years of occupancy, an additional levy of one percent per annum for each year (or part thereof) over five years that you have resided at the village (to a maximum of five years) is deducted from the refundable amount.

There is no capital growth applied to the resident's retained monies during the period of occupancy.

Following consultation with residents, a monthly maintenance levy is set annually.

Residents are also required to pay rates (council amenities fee) equivalent to 50 percent of the City of South Perth's minimum property rate.

For current pricing and further information please do not hesitate to contact Collier Park Village directly.

Please contact the village on 9313 0200 for more information on current council rates, unit lease prices and their components or the monthly maintenance levy.


The City of South Perth offers a number of convenient and user friendly payment options to Collier Park Village residents and family members. Payments can be made online at no extra cost, in person or by direct debit.

Residents or their family members can pay online for invoices issued by the City for maintenance fees, telephone accounts, rates or other expenses. To pay an invoice you will need your invoice number and details of how much and what you want to pay.

An alternative payment option is provided for Collier Park Village residents, whereby part of the monthly maintenance fee is deducted from their refundable money held by the City. This option reduces the monthly amount the resident needs to pay. Residents can opt in or out of this alternative payment scheme annually.

For more information on payment options please contact the City’s Accounts Receivable department on 9474 0777 or