Stormwater Drainage Approval

The City of South Perth is experiencing urban developments of increasing density. Blocks of land that may once have housed a single dwelling are now being used to house several dwellings or larger residential buildings. Consequently the impervious area of these blocks of land is continually increasing, which results in an increase in stormwater run-off from the properties into the City-owned stormwater drainage network. 

This additional run-off puts a strain on existing City-owned drainage infrastructure and, if left unchecked, will require the City to undertake expensive replacement and improvement works.

The quality of stormwater discharged into the  Swan  and  Canning  Rivers  and  the  groundwater  is  also now a source of some concern and efforts must be made to improve the quality of this water to the best of the City’s abilities. 

Stormwater drainage approval is required to: 

  • Limit the effects of high density urban development on drainage infrastructure
  • Improve the quality of stormwater entering the lakes, river system and groundwater
  • Ensure that the most appropriate form of stormwater disposal is utilised in each area.

Stormwater drainage approval process

  1. Determine what drainage is required for the proposed building
  2. Determine the drainage precinct in which the proposed building is located
  3. Review the acceptable methods of stormwater disposal and the drainage design requirements for the building in the relevant stormwater drainage precinct
  4. Decide on the method of stormwater disposal to be used
  5. Design stormwater drainage system and submit your online application using mySouthPerth

Stormwater drainage guidelines

Stormwater drainage guidelines are available to guide the stormwater drainage application. The guidelines outline the drainage requirements within the City’s eight drainage precincts, industry standards and conditions of approval for various stormwater disposal methods.

Submit your Stormwater Application:

Submit a Stormwater Drainage application online via the mySouthPerth portal. You will need to have a design or site plan (mandatory) and other relevant supporting documents to complete your application.