Verge Side Collection

The City of South Perth provides one hard waste and two green waste verge side collections per year.

Items for the green and hard waste verge collection must be placed neatly on the verge by 7am on the scheduled start date for your area (including public holidays). Waste should be put out no earlier than one week before the collection commencement date.

For safety and to avoid damage to properties, please do not place collections next to trees, power poles, water meters, reticulation, walls, street signs or any other object. Please do not obstruct the footpath or driveway, your normal bin services or the line of sight of pedestrians and road users.

The City does not collect from vacant lots, commercial properties, rights of way, reserves or parks.

If you miss the collection, you can dispose of your waste at the City of South Perth Recycling Centre located on Thelma Street, Como.

Help us to eradicate Qfly in Western Australia

If you live within the Queensland fruit fly Quarantine Area all green waste must be stripped of fruit and vegetables prior to disposal, and fruit must remain on site and be disposed of according the guidelines. To find out if you live in the Quarantine Area and how to dispose of fruit and disposal guidelines visit

Bulk Rubbish map

2018 verge side waste collections


Week Commencing

Week Commencing
Week Commencing 
1Como Beach9 April27 August8 October
2aManning, Salter Point, Waterford16 April3 September*15 October
2bWaterford16 April3 September*22 October
3Como, Manning, Karawara23 April10 September29 October
4aComo30 April17 September5 November
4bKensington30 April17 September12 November
5South Perth7 May24 September19 November
6South Perth14 May1 October26 November

*Please note: The dates printed in the Waste and Recycling Guide 2018 for 2a (Manning, Salter Point, Waterford) and 2b (Waterford) Spring Green Waste collection was incorrectly printed as 3 August 2018. The correct date for Spring Green Waste collection is 3 September 2018.

Green waste collection

For the Green Waste Collection, the City will collect a maximum of three cubic metres per premise consisting:

  • Uncontaminated green/garden waste 
  • Tree prunings/branches with a maximum length of 1.5m.

The City will not collect:

  • Lawn clippings and leaves. These may be placed in your regular bin and will be collected with your weekly domestic rubbish collection
  • General junk, building or household waste
  • Tree trunks and stumps larger than 150mm in diameter or 1.5m in length
  • Dug out lawn
  • Green waste that is contaminated by household rubbish.

If your green waste does not comply, it will not be collected. Green waste which isn’t collected because it has not met collection guidelines or because of late placement must be removed within seven days or you may be fined.

Hard waste collection

To ensure that the maximum amount of hard waste is recycled, different trucks are allocated to specific items. Please assist us by placing hard rubbish on your own verge in separate piles:

  • Metals
  • Whitegoods
  • Mattresses
  • E-Waste
  • General waste.

Only four cubic metres of waste will be collected from each residence. 

Waste left behind after the collection is your responsibility and must be removed from the verge within seven days, or $200-$500 litter infringements will be issued.