DA Conditions Clearance

When Development Approval has been issued, it typically comes with a list of conditions.  A number of these conditions require clearance from Planning Services before lodging an application for a Building Permit or Occupancy Permit (as required by the Building Act 2011 and Certificate of Design Compliance).

Clearance of such conditions is requested from applicants by lodging:

  1. Development Approval Conditions matrix indicating the condition and it has been met. Please see pro forma for an example (an excel sheet format is also suitable)
  2. Any other drawings or documentation required by the conditions of the Development Approval
  3. Set of Architectural drawings as they will be submitted with the Building Permit Application.

A clearance request can be lodged using one of the following methods:

  • Hard copy in person at the Civic Centre
  • Hard copy by post to the Civic Centre
  • Electronically (USB or CD/DVD) by post or in person at the Civic Centre
  • Electronically using the online portal*.

Electronic submission can be made in a pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx or zip format. All documents, except the matrix, must be combined into a single document or zip file.

Clearance requests can not be lodged by email.

There is no fee for this service.

Please note this portal is only to be used for clearance of DA conditions prior to submission of a building permit. The City can not accept subdivision clearance requests being lodged via this portal.


Applicants will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of the clearance request shortly after submission.

An Urban Planner will check the matrix, plans and documents meet the conditions set out in the relevant Development Approval. A letter confirming clearance of conditions will then be issued.  

Please allow an average of 30 working days for processing. It may take less time for smaller simple approvals and it may take more time for larger and complex approvals and/or if further information is required.

After processing

The applicant should include a copy of the clearance letter with their application for a Building Permit or Occupancy Permit.

Please note that clearance of conditions is given on the basis that no new or inconsistent information will be provided with the relevant permit application. If new or inconsistent information is found on the relevant permit application, the permit application may be refused.