The City’s Planning Services initially considers the development application to assess whether it complies with:

Depending on the nature of each development proposal, the application may be referred to the City's Engineers, other City departments, the City's Design Advisory Consultants and State Government agencies.

Design Review Panel

The City’s Design Review Panel (DRP) are a specialised group of consultants that provide professional and technical advice to City officers in relation to the design of buildings and related matters. The DRP perform a purely advisory function and do not have any power to make decisions.

The purpose of the DRP is to provide comments and advice to the Council and City officers on the design and site planning of certain development proposals, urban design issues and on other Planning proposals where the City would benefit from their comments and advice.

The City's appointed Design Review Panel (DRP) members are:

  • Domenic Snellgrove (Chair)

  • Cameron Chisolm Nicol Brett Wood-Gush, Insight Urbanism

  • Chris Maher, Hames Sharley

  • Denise Morgan, CDP

  • Malcolm Mackay, Mackay Urban Design

  • Marc Beattie, Urbis

  • Matthew Dunstan, GHD Design

  • Oliver Grimaldi, 

  • Cundall Simon Venturi, Noma*

  • Steven Smyth, Hunt Architects

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