A vehicle crossing place or crossing (sometimes known as a crossover) is that part of the driveway from the front property boundary to the kerb line. While it forms part of the road reserve it is the property owners’ responsibility to construct and maintain.

Crossings to residential properties must be constructed in either concrete or brick paving. For commercial properties, crossings may only be constructed in concrete. The construction of crossings shall be in accordance with this specification and any variance must first be approved in writing by the Manager of Engineering Infrastructure. 

Crossings on new developments

Most works on crossings are completed as part of the normal process of construction on a property.

When you submit your plans for development you must include details of the proposed crossing, trees and all other infrastructure located within the road reserve.

Where the positioning of any crossing will or is likely to affect a service structure above or below ground then the appropriate authority is to be consulted and where agreed arrange for the relocation or strengthening of services all at the Land Owners cost. Side entry pits or offset stormwater gullies will only be replaced by a stormwater gully located on the roadway in front of the crossing (no stormwater structure will be deleted from the street). These works will be completed by the City prior to and independently from the actual construction of any crossing and the cost for all works is to be borne by the Land Owner.

The City will assess the proposed crossing as part of the development, which must be paid prior to collecting the building licence.

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Crossing - Privately Constructed
Description Applicable to Condition GST Cost
Administration and Inspection Fee All Applicants Per Application Exc $185.00