Food Safety Training

I'm Alert and FoodSafe food safety training  

The City of South Perth takes food hygiene within the City very seriously and assists food businesses to meet their food handling obligations by providing free access to the I’m Alert food safety training and FoodSafe food safety training. You are free to choose whichever package you prefer. FoodSafe has some video components which you will need to be able to play to complete the course. Other than English, FoodSafe is available in Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese. I’m Alert is available in a number of languages. 

Both training packages provide food handlers with the required skills and knowledge to ensure that food is handled in a safe and hygienic manner.

A certificate can be printed upon successful completion of both training courses.

Commence the I'm Alert food safety training

Commence the FoodSafe food safety training

FoodSafe Instructions:
On the FoodSafe page, click add to cart. Then click complete order. Enter billing address details then click shipping method. In the Redeem Online Voucher box, enter the code FSSOUTHP356 and click payment details and this will waive the $35 fee. Then click submit order. Once complete, click download area then click “Welcome to FoodSafe”.

Useful information

Food Safety

For more information about food safety, contact the City on 9474 0777 or visit the Department of Health website