Alfresco Dining

The City’s  Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law 2011 provides regulation for the management of public property and the activities that may be conducted on public property that is owned or managed by the City.


Should you wish to set-up and conduct an alfresco area on City owned or managed land, you must apply for an Alfresco Dining Trading Licence. Alfresco areas must be compliant with the City of South Perth Policy P402 Alfresco Dining. Please ensure you read the policy as limitations/site constraints described in the policy may prevent you from having an alfresco area.

Before applying for an Alfresco Dining Trading Licence, please ensure that the proposal and number of seats has been approved by the City's Developmental Services. Any proposal may be limited by site parking availability and/or number of toilet facilities available for patrons.

Applications should be submitted with plans showing:

  • Location and dimensions of proposed eating area
  • The means by which the eating area is to be separated from the balance of the street or public place
  • The associated food premises, including any seating areas in the private property and total number of seats and entrance ways to the premises
  • Dimensions, levels and slope of the adjacent footpath and any street infrastructure (bins, furniture, bike racks, bollards, signs etc.) drainage and Utilities in the immediate vicinity of the food premises
  • Location and nature of any parking bays and alignment of the adjacent carriageway
  • Position and dimensions of all tables, seats and associated furniture and fixtures (eg. planter boxes/stand up panels/umbrellas/etc.) proposed to be placed in the seating area
  • The seating area and all land improvements within 30 metres of the boundaries of the eating area including any public facility and parking

Along with the following documents:

    • Copy of the Certificate of Registration of a Food Business
    • Current copy of public liability insurance policy (must provide $20 million cover)
    • Copy of planning approval issued by the City under the town planning scheme
    • A management plan outlining the operations of the eating area including hours of operation, where tables and chairs will be stored when closed, ongoing cleaning of the area and litter management, photographs of tables and seats in the eating area.

    An application fee applies as well as licence fee based on the number of seats approved. Each year thereafter, a renewal fee and licence fee based on the number of seats are applicable.

    To apply for an Alfresco Dining Trading Licence, please login to mySouthPerth and complete 'New/renew alfresco dining licence'.


    Related fees

    Alfresco Dining
    Description Applicable to Condition GST Cost
    Alfresco Dining Licence - new application If Applicable Per application Exc $172.00
    Alfresco Dining Licence - fee per seat (pro rata calculated on a monthly basis or part therof, for any period prior to 30 June each year) All Applicants Per Seat Exc $69.00
    Alfresco dining licence - application for renewal of licence All Applicants Per Year Exc $69.00
    Alfresco dining licence - application for transfer of licence If Applicable Upon Transfer Exc $69.00

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