Alfresco Dining

The City’s Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law 2011 provides regulation for the management of public property and the activities that may be conducted on public property that is owned or managed by the City.

Should you wish to set-up and conduct an alfresco area within the City of South Perth, you must apply for an Alfresco Dining Trading Licence.

Applications should be submitted with;

  • A scaled plan of the proposed eating area showing the location of tables, chairs and other structures
  • A scaled plan showing the location of carriageways, paths, public facilities, public places, roads and road alignments within thirty metres of the proposed eating area boundaries and
  • A colour photograph of chairs, tables and other structures required.

The annual fee for the licence in accordance with the City of South Perth fees and charges is calculated on the number of chairs. 

Alfresco areas must be compliant with the the City of South Perth Policy P402 Alfresco Dining

N.B. In accordance with the Building Code of Australia, the total number of chairs that the City can approve will depend on the toilet facilities available.

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Alfresco Dining
Description Applicable to Condition GST Cost
Initial Application Fee If Applicable Per application Exc $150.00
Annual Licence Fee All Applicants Per Chair Exc $60.00
Annual Renewal All Applicants Per Year Exc $60.00
Licence Transfer Fee If Applicable Upon Transfer Exc $60.00