Roads and Footpath Works

Road works are coordinated so as to minimise disruptions to residents, motorists and pedestrians. For example, road works located near residential areas are carried out mostly in the day, and road works near schools and busy roads are scheduled for non-peak hours.

Work on the City’s roads, footpaths and verges can be carried out by a number of different service providers. In general, the City manages the local roads within the local government area and the main, State controlled roads are managed by Main Roads WA.

Roads are condition-rated against a range of criteria to determine the need for, and timing of, preventative or remedial action to prevent loss of service. The ratings address factors such as structure, surface cracking, ride-ability, age and predicted increases in traffic volumes and vehicle classifications. 

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Major works and ongoing projects

Current road and footpath works

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January 2024

Weekly approved works 22-28 January 2024

Public Notice 22 January 2024

Approved works within the City of South Perth for 22-28 January 2024.

Road Works

Road Rehabilitation Works – Mill Point Road, Mends Street to Darley Street

Public Notice 18 January 2024

The City is undertaking road rehabilitation works on Mill Point Road between Mends Street to Darley Street in South Perth.

Road Works

Weekly approved works 15-21 January 2024

Public Notice 15 January 2024

Approved works within the City of South Perth for 15-21 January 2024.

Road Works

Weekly approved works 8-14 January 2024

Public Notice 5 January 2024

Approved works within the City of South Perth for 8-14 January 2024.

Road Works

Weekly approved works 1-7 January 2024

Public Notice 3 January 2024

Approved works within the City of South Perth for 1-7 January 2024.

Road Works

Scheduled capital works

Roads and footpath capital work projects for the 2022/23 financial year.

View the 2022/23 Capital Works map of roads, footpath and drainage capital work projects for the 2022/23 financial year.

Road rehabilitation program 

  • Bunderra Close (Jackson Rd to Cul-De-Sac), Karawara
  • Albert Street (Rose Ave to Coode St), South Perth
  • Blamey Place (South Tce to Monash Ave), Como
  • Fairview Gardens (Roscrea Cl to Kilkenny Cir), Waterford
  • South Perth Esplanade East, South Perth
  • Shaftesbury Avenue & Collins Street, Kensington
  • Lockhart Street (Manning Rd to Paterson St), Como 
  • Fourth Avenue (Banksia Tce  to Landsdowne Rd), Kensington
  • South Terrace - Paved Entry off Freeway, South Perth
  • Market Street (Collins St to Dyson St), Kensington
  • Welwyn Avenue (Hope Ave to Unwin Cres), Salter Point
  • Angelo Street (Labouchere Rd to Onslow St) MRRG, South Perth
  • Coode Street (Hensman St to Angelo St) MRRG, South Perth
  • Henley Street (Ley St to Canning Hwy) MRRG, Como
  • Kent Street northbound (Beazley Dr to Jackson Rd) MRRG, Kensington
  • Way Road (Mill Point Rd to Canning Hwy) MRRG, South Perth
  • Thelma St (McDonald St to Coode St) MRRG, Como
  • ROW 121 (Davilak Edgecumbe Clydesdale), Como
  • Roseberry Avenue (Shaftesbury Ave to Jameson St), South Perth
  • Tate Street (Angelo St to Swan St), South Perth
  • Lockhart Street (Davilak St to Thelma St), Como
  • Hobbs Avenue (Murray St to Blamey Pl), Como
  • Goss Avenue (Manning Rd to Gillon St), Manning
  • McDonald Street (Preston St to Thelma St), Como

Streetscapes program 

  • Pennington Street landscaping, South Perth
  • Angelo Street landscaping, South Perth 

Traffic management program 

  • Bus Shelter Replacement Program, City-wide 
  • Mill Point Rd/Mends St raised platform & path works, South Perth
  • Labouchere Rd/Alston Avenue Black Spot, Como
  • Saunders St/Canning Hwy Black Spot, Como
  • Downey Dr/Welwyn Ave Black Spot, Manning
  • Parking management devices, City-wide
  • South Perth Foreshore - Coode Street - bicycle crossing lights, South Perth


  • Stormwater pit replacement, City wide
  • Kwinana Freeway Foreshore - drainage backflow devices, South Perth
  • Queen Street pump replacement, South Perth
  • Frasers Lane pump replacement, South Perth 
  • King Street - sump gates, Kensington
  • Ley-Downey drainage works, Manning 
  • Kwinana Freeway Foreshore river drainage replacement, South Perth
  • Godwin Avenue sump retrofit, Manning

Pedestrian and bike path program 

  • Footpaths - Slab Replacement Program, City-wide