Town Planning Scheme

Town Planning Scheme 6

The City of South Perth Town Planning Scheme 6 sets out the way land is to be used and developed, classifies areas for land use and includes provisions to coordinate infrastructure within the local government area. The scheme is divided into two parts:

  • The scheme maps and height plans which set out the zoning, coding and maximum heights for each property; and,
  • The scheme text which sets out the specific development controls which apply to each property. 

In 2017 the City commenced a review of Town Planning Scheme 6. The report to Council recommended the City prepare a Local Planning Strategy and review Town Planning Scheme 6 in order to prepare a new Local Planning Scheme.

On 29 November 2017, the Western Australian Planning Commission resolved to approve the City’s request to review Town Planning Scheme 6.

Local Planning Scheme 7

The City in the process of moving to a new Local Planning Scheme, Local Planning Scheme No. 7 (LPS7). LPS7 will replace Town Planning Scheme No. 6. 

Council considered submissions and proposed modifications to draft Local Planning Scheme No.7 (LPS 7) at its meeting on 28 March 2023. Council resolved to support draft LPS 7 subject to modifications. See the meeting minutes and audio recording by visiting the Council Meetings page.

Draft LPS 7 along with Council’s recommendation and submissions received will now be forwarded to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). The WAPC will consider the Council’s recommendations before the Minister for Planning determines draft LPS 7. 

Online Mapping

You can use  online maps to view zoning and building heights for individual properties.

Town Planning Scheme No. 6