Canning Highway

Canning Highway is a key urban corridor which plays an important transport role in the City of South Perth. The area adjacent to the highway is diverse, with a range of housing types and non-residential land uses.

The Canning Highway project is an ongoing series of studies to understand the area and plan for the future. The City’s draft Local Housing Strategy (2012) first identified challenges  for the City between managing high density development along Canning Highway and the adjacent low density residential areas.

Amendment 57 (Canning Highway – East)

Amendment 57 (Canning Highway – East) which proposed planning changes to ‘Place 1 & 2’ of Canning Highway was approved by the Minister for Planning in May 2021. 

Amendment 57 modifies the City’s Town Planning Scheme No. 6 Scheme Text and introduces new Precinct 16 – Canning Highway (East).

Precinct 16 Zoning Map (existing and approved) 

Precinct 16 Building Height Limits Map (existing and approved)

Project Stages

Stage 1 - High level strategic investigations (whole of Highway)

In order to establish a vision for Canning Highway, the City first had to investigate the Highway's character and the community aspirations. 

The City’s Draft Local Housing Strategy first identified a direction to investigate and progress medium density coding increases for residential lots within 100 metres of Canning Highway.

In 2015, the City undertook preliminary consultation to explore community aspirations for the future of Canning Highway.  

The 2016 ‘Canning Highway Residential Density and Built Form Study’, otherwise known as the #ShapeOurPlace Report considered the outcomes of the consultation and made recommendations for future planning. The report recommended dividing the Canning Highway area into a series of five ‘places’ in which detailed character investigations could occur. A map of the five places can be found in the report. 

Stage 2 - Detailed character investigations (parts of Highway)

Following endorsement of the #ShapeOurPlace report, detailed investigations were commenced for the land from the north-east of Douglas Avenue to the boundary of the City of South Perth near Berwick Street. This area is identified as ‘Place 1’ and ‘Place 2’ in the report. 

In October 2016 the Canning Highway - Kensington South Perth Character Study Report Part A report provided a comprehensive analysis of streetscapes and character in this part of the study area. Following receipt of the report, further community consultation was undertaken.

In June 2017 the City received the Canning Highway - Kensington South Perth Character Study Report Part B which considered the previous report and consultation and made recommendations as to how the objectives of all the earlier investigations could be implemented.

Stage 3 - Implementation (scheme amendments and policies)

Following the completion of ‘detailed character investigations’ for each ‘place’, the implementation of the recommendations made from the earlier stages will commence.

In order to implement the recommendations, the City must amend City of South Perth Town Planning Scheme No. 6. This provides the development controls for land within the City for matters such as land use, building height, setback of buildings to boundaries and parking standards. The City will progress scheme amendments to implement the recommendations as applicable. 

Part of the implementation of each stage may also include adoption of a Local Planning Policy to provide guidance when determining whether a development proposal is in compliance with Town Planning Scheme No.6. 


Stage 1 High-level strategic investigation Stage 2 Detailed character investigation  Stage 3 Scheme amendment (implementation) 
Place 1CompleteCompleteComplete – Amendment 57 approved by Minister for Planning on 1 June 2021. 
Place 2CompleteCompleteComplete – Amendment 57 approved by Minister for Planning on 1 June 2021.
Place 3CompleteN/ATo be implemented as part of Local Planning Scheme 7.
Place 4CompleteN/ATo be implemented as part of Local Planning Scheme 7.
Place 5CompleteN/ATo be implemented as part of Local Planning Scheme 7.

Please refer to the place map for their locations.

Have Your Say

As each stage progresses, the City may seek your comments on the outcomes of detailed investigations, draft scheme amendments or draft local planning policies.

For further information and to comment on any proposals currently out for comment, visit

The purpose of the Canning Highway project is to articulate a desirable future character for Canning Highway and adjacent areas and implement this vision through amendments to the City’s planning framework. 

The City has undertaken a series of investigations for the future planning of the Highway to:

  • Provide robust planning controls for medium density development situated on or adjacent to Canning Highway
  • Protect the amenity of existing residential areas to provide a suitable transition between built form
  • Rationalise and resolve access issues affecting properties fronting the regional road reservation for Canning Highway.