Recreation and Aquatic Facility (RAF)


At the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 23 May 2023, Council considered a report on the City’s proposed Recreation and Aquatic Facility (RAF). 

In the report, the City recommended that Council not proceed with the RAF project due to the significant capital funding shortfall and requirement for ongoing subsidy from City rates revenue. 

The recommendation was consistent with the report considered by Council at the Special Council Meeting on 30 March 2023, which noted the impact of high interest rates, escalation and uncertainty around the current economic climate on the RAF project. This, combined with a commitment that the RAF would not require an increase to rates, made the project unviable. 

Council accepted the Officer Recommendation to not progress with the delivery of the RAF and work on the RAF project will cease. The City will now focus on retaining the $20 million Federal Government grant towards projects that will benefit the community of South Perth. 

Further detail can be found in the Council Report and the media release



The proposed Recreation and Aquatic Facility (RAF) would be a first for Western Australia, combining sporting, recreational and educational facilities. The RAF proposed to address a significant lack of local and regional community sporting and recreational infrastructure.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 28 November 2022, Council reaffirmed its commitment to the RAF Project and requested the CEO to revise the scope and delivery of the RAF Project across three stages.

Stage 1 of the RAF Project proposed indoor aquatics and health club/gym together with a restaurant, bar and function room and improvements to the golf facilities at Collier Park Golf Course. A technology-based golf driving range with integrated food and beverage options is included.

Future stages included indoor playing courts (Stage 2) and a 50m outdoor pool (Stage 3).