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February 2017

Aerial larvicide treatment on 25 February

Public Notice 23 February 2017

The City is planning to undertake an aerial larvicide treatment by Heliwest on 25 February 2017 in the wetland area south of Waterford from Cygnia Cove through to the Salter Point Lagoon.


Vision 2027 survey results

Media Release 23 February 2017

Results from the City’s Vision 2027 survey have been analysed, with the key findings outlining the community’s priorities and aspiration for the City and helping shape the future vision.

Vision 2027

SPSP Parking Management Plan update

News Update 23 February 2017

The City is progressing towards the delivery of an area wide Parking Management Plan for the South Perth Station Precinct.

South Perth Station Precinct

Road rehabilitation works - Vista Street, Kensington

News Update 23 February 2017

From 7 March, the City will be undertaking road rehabilitation works along Vista Street between Dyson Street and Banksia Terrace in Kensington.

Road Works

Dewatering and water intrusion update

Media Response 23 February 2017

Media enquiry regarding dewatering and water intrusion in South Perth.

Planning Officer availability on Friday 24 February

News Update 22 February 2017

The City’s Planning Department (Strategic and Statutory Planning Officers) will be unavailable for customer service enquiries on Friday 24 February from 11am until 1pm.


Redmond Reserve path closure

News Update 21 February 2017

The pathway between Redmond stairs and Salter Point Parade in Redmond Reserve will be closed from Tuesday, 7 March 2017 until Friday, 10 March.

Maintenance Works

Marking a milestone – soil turned at Ernest Johnson Reserve

Media Release 21 February 2017

The City of South Perth today marked a milestone when the first soil was turned to mark commencement of works at Ernest Johnson (EJ) Reserve.

Ernest Johnson Reserve

City donates artwork to North Metropolitan TAFE

News Update 21 February 2017

The City has donated one of its artworks, Unit 3 by Amanda Verschuren, to North Metropolitan TAFE.


Amendment No. 46 South Perth Station Precinct comes into effect

Media Release 21 February 2017

​The City of South Perth’s Town Planning Scheme Amendment No. 46 ‘South Perth Station Precinct’ has come into immediate operational effect following its publication in the Government Gazette on Tuesday 21 February 2017.

South Perth Station Precinct