Collier Project Area

Map of the Zones in the Collier area

Collier Project Zones

Collier Project  Start Date Estimated Completion
Zone 1March 2021November 2021
Zone 2May 2021January 2022
Zone 3July/August 2021Feb/March 2022
Project Completed March 2022

The Underground Power project at Collier Park was recently completed in March 2022, a few months ahead of schedule.  This area is bounded by Canning Highway, Ryrie Avenue, Blamey Place and South Terrace.

Works in this area were staged in three zones (see map above), and proceeded in sequence by zone to minimise the impact on residents and to enable the efficient reinstatement of verges.  

Reinstatement works

Western Power's contractor Genus is responsible for all reinstatement works. Please note that the contractor will not accept responsibility or provide reimbursement for other repairs or re-instatement carried out by a third party.

Project cost

A survey of property owners was undertaken by Energy Policy WA, formerly known as the Public Utilities Office in August 2016. The survey provided the opportunity to vote yes or no for SUPP and also gave an indicative cost to each property owner. Survey results from the Collier area indicated solid support for underground power and it was subsequently nominated as one of three City of South Perth Round Six projects.

When the survey was sent, the funding contribution was based on preliminary estimates at that time which equated to an average of $6,800 for a typical single residential property. The amount will generally be less for units in multi-unit developments. Costs for commercial properties will generally be greater than for a single residential property.

At the September 2020 Council Meeting, elected members accepted a $2.2 million COVID-19 financial relief package from Western Power for the Collier and Manning projects. The package enables the City to ensure that the average cost to owners will be the same as that estimated in the August 2016 survey, despite an increase in actual project costs identified following completion of detailed design and tender.

Property owners in the Manning and Collier State Underground Power project areas were sent an information brochure with their 2021 rate notice providing answers to some frequently asked questions as well as an explanation of how the underground power charge was determined.

Underground power will be billed in five annual instalments with the first instalment amount identified on the 2021/22 rate notice.

State Underground Power Program FAQs for Collier Property owners

Collier Project - map of zones

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Who to contact

For any project repairs or reinstatements enquiries please contact Genus on 1300 064 710 or email

For other project enquiries please visit the Western Power website or call them on 13 10 87.

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