Sustainable seating at Sandon Park provides perfect place to pause

News Update 2 May 2023
CWSP Parks and Reserve works

A simple project to provide seating in the shaded areas of Sandon Park, in Salter Point, has resulted in a beautiful rest area that is already being enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Located near the Salter Point Sea Scouts, the jarrah seating is made from timber reclaimed at the former Mt Henry Hospital site.

The City's Parks team had been saving the logs for a special purpose before the project was identified, as part of the Clontarf-Waterford-Salter Point Foreshore Masterplan.

Creating more shaded seating in Precinct 3: Sandon Park was a key initiative of the Masterplan, which was developed through extensive community and stakeholder engagement.

Using natural materials to fit with the landscape, the Park's team selected a mature paperbark tree (Melaleuca rhaphiophylla) with a large canopy to create the quiet, shaded area.

The site also boasts other interesting features like a newly installed insect hotel, which was designed to provide a safe and secure habitat for native bees in the area.

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This project is funded by the Swan Canning River Recovery Project, supported by Perth NRM through funding from the Australian Government.


Images: Acting Coordinator Parks Paul Reed at the new rest area; and the bee and insect hotel.