Major projects

The City designs, constructs and maintains a number of major projects to service community needs and priorities. 

Further information on past, current and future projects can be found on the Projects & Places page.  

Current major projects


Waterbird Refuge

Connect South

News Listings

May 2021

Black Swan habitat underway at foreshore

News Update 5 May 2021

A project to create vital habitat for waterbirds is underway at South Perth Foreshore.

black Waterbird Refuge
March 2021

RAF funding

Media Response 19 March 2021

Media enquiry about RAF funding details.


Council approve RAF Business Plan

News Update 16 March 2021

Council has approved the Recreation and Aquatic Facility Business Plan and authorised the CEO to sign the $20 million Federal Government grant funding for the project.


RAF Business Case peer review

News Update 12 March 2021

Independent review of the RAF Business Case finds no ‘fundamental barriers’ to the RAF project progressing to the next stage.


Hurlingham Playground Replacement

News Update 9 March 2021

The City will be replacing the playground at Sir James Mitchell Park near Hurlingham Road. The works are currently scheduled to commence on 16 March and be completed by 19 March 2021.

Parks and Reserve works South Perth Foreshore

Scheduled capital works

Major project capital work projects for the 2020/21 financial year:

  • Recreation and Aquatic Facility
  • Waterbird Refuge Project