Development Assessment Panels

The City is member of the Metro Inner-South Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) - an independent decision making body charged with the role of determining certain development applications of a value of $10 million or more. 

All JDAP members are appointed by the Minister for Planning.

DAP meetings are open to the public, and interested parties can address the meeting by submitting a Presentation Request at least 72 hours before the meeting. 

Further details of ‘opt-in’ and excluded applications can be found on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website.

Applications that require JDAP approval

All JDAP applications are to be lodged with the City. At least a week in advance of the proposed lodgement, the applicant should contact the City to arrange a submission meeting with a Senior Urban Planner. The application is accepted once City officers are satisfied that all the relevant information has been submitted. This allows for an uninterrupted assessment process.

The City will assess the application and prepare a report containing recommendations (a Responsible Authority Report) for the JDAP to consider.

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February 2020

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Public Notice 7 February 2020

A meeting of the JDAP has been called on Friday 14 February 2020.

January 2020

Finalised minutes Metro Central JDAP meeting 13 January 2020

Public Notice 17 January 2020

Minutes of the Metro Central JDAP meeting held on 13 January 2020 are now available to view.


Metro Central JDAP Meeting 13 January 2020

Public Notice 3 January 2020

A meeting of the JDAP has been called on Monday 13 January 2020.