Godwin Avenue Sump Works

The City is planning to revegetate and retrofit stormwater sumps at the intersection of Godwin and Goss Avenues in Manning to improve water quality and enhance wildlife habitat.

The works will include:

  • A biofiltration system to strip stormwater of pollutants and nutrients before it enters the soakwells
  • Increasing the existing stormwater filtration area
  • Selectively clearing mid-storey shrubs and under-prune trees to open sight lines
  • Revegetating the area with native plant species
  • A bird watering station
  • A rest area with interpretive signage and habitat features such as an insect hotel, bird nesting boxes and untreated timber logs
  • Informal access paths connecting the existing north and south paths
  • Nature play zone
  • Seating, including a wheelchair parking concrete pad
  • Bicycle parking, bins and a drinking fountain.

The construction phase is proposed to commence in early 2023 and it is anticipated that all planting and works will be completed by June 2023.

This project was designed to support the City’s Urban Forest Strategy and Water Management Plans.

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